Why You Need Barn Shutters in Nampa for Your Home

You’ll usually hear that plantation shutters in Nampa are the better purchase option. The louvers help better with light management. But it’s not always about managing the light.

Barn shutters offer a range of other benefits; many benefits that plantation shutters can’t. Here’s why you want to consider them for your home.

They Offer Immediate Privacy for Your Home

You don’t just want your shutters in Nampa for light benefits. There are times that you will buy them for extra privacy in your home. In this case, you want to consider barn shutters for your windows.

Plantation shutters can certainly offer some privacy, but you need to twist the louvers. You’ll need to think about the direction the louvers are sitting in, making sure the view from the outside is obstructed. Barn shutters don’t offer this problem. As soon as you close the shutters, you have immediate privacy.

This is a great on a night when you’re more likely to need the privacy. You will have the interior lights on anyway, so you’re not worried about light loss.

They Block Out All the UV Rays Coming In

Speaking of light, though, there are benefits of barn shutters in Nampa. They offer the ability to completely block out all the UV rays coming into the home. They also block out the natural light, which can be a downside.

One of the benefits is when you go away. You can close the shutters and prevent any light shining in throughout the day. This protects your furniture and your walls, since you don’t have to worry about the direction of the louvers to manage the rays.

Barn Shutters in Nampa Offer Extra Protection

Closing the shutters is like closing a door. You create full protection around your windows, creating an extra barrier for people to get through. Whether you have interior or exterior barn shutters, you gain this benefit in a way that plantation shutters can’t offer.

Plantation shutters have a weakness around the louvers. They’re slightly thinner than the main area of a barn shutter. They can be easier to break. A barn shutter is strong and stable, making it almost impossible for someone to break through it.

Would-be burglars are more likely to avoid your house. They don’t want the hassle of the shutters, which will likely wake you up when they’re trying to break in. You can feel safer with the shutters installed.

There’s No Need to Mess Around with Louvers

Plantation shutters are great for light control, but you have to twist the louvers. You’ll need to do this to get the right angle for privacy, light control, and heat management. That’s certainly not the case when it comes to barn shutters in Nampa.

Barn shutters are just one solid piece of wood. They offer the heating and privacy benefits as soon as they’re closed. You don’t have to get up to twist the louvers at different times of the day or not, making them low maintenance.

It’s time to consider more hassle-free options for window treatments in your home. They block the light, but barn shutters in Nampa offer a range of other benefits that other window treatments don’t.

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