Why Woven Wood Shades in Nampa Are a Must This Summer

As you get your home ready for the warmest months of the year, you’ll want to look at the window coverings. Are they the right options for your rooms? Could you benefit from woven wood shades in Nampa for this summer?

The summers are certainly getting warmer. You want something that will help to manage the negatives of the brighter months of the year, and woven wood shades can certainly help. Here are four reasons to consider them this summer.

The Block the Glare Without Blocking All Light

We start with the glare blocking. One of the problems with the summer months is that glare shining through your window. It’s distracting and uncomfortable, and it leads to you moving places in your room. But why do that when you can manage it all with your window coverings?

Many other shades and blinds can block out all the light. That’s not the case with woven wood shades in Nampa. The small gaps that form from the way the shades are put together allow the natural light into the room. Yes, you’ll have a slightly darker space, but it won’t be enough to plunge your home into complete blackness.

They Manage the UV Rays that Cause Rising Temperatures

The UV rays are damaging to the home. The biggest complaint is how they cause temperatures to rise. You end up using your air-con a lot more than you feel you should have to, leading to higher electricity bills.

What if you could get something that prevents that? Since woven wood shades in Nampa will block the UV rays, you end up blocking the issue of the rising temperatures. Sure, there is still some warmth that will seep through the walls, but it’s not as much as when you have clear glass for the UV rays to shine through. You’ll also keep some of the natural light shining through.

Woven Wood Shades in Nampa Offer Immediate Privacy Day and Night

Let’s discuss privacy. This is important for your home, especially in certain rooms. Some window coverings are great for privacy in the daytime but offer nothing at night. Others are good for the night, but they block out the light during the day.

You need something that offers privacy day and night. You want something that doesn’t offer the downsides of no privacy or no light. Woven wood is a great material to manage that. The gaps are small enough to prevent the view in but large enough to allow the light in.

You’ll Get Protection for Your Furniture, Walls, Floors, and More

The UV rays are damaging to the home. They cause damage to the upholstery, walls, floors, and so much more. What if you could get something that blocks the UV rays to prevent that from happening?

With woven wood, you get the block of the rays while keeping the light. You get to feel comfortable at home without worrying about the costs of replacement furniture in the future.

Now is the time to look at window coverings for the summer. Could woven wood shades in Nampa be the option?

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