Why Draperies in Nampa Are Perfect Temporary Window Coverings

You’ve just moved into a new home. Whether you’ve just bought it or you’re renting, you may be looking for something temporary to hang around the windows. Draperies in Nampa are the perfect consideration.

 While you may be looking at lighting control, there are many other reasons to have window treatments hanging. Here’s how draperies work and why they’re perfect for the short term.

 They Can Move With You

 If you’re renting, you need something temporary that can move with you. Draperies in Nampa are the easiest for this benefit. You just have to take them down from the windows and place them up at the new place. This can also be a benefit if you’ve bought a home that you know is going to be a short-term treatment.

 Most drapes are made to standard sizes. You’ll likely move into a place where the standard size works, so there’s no need to worry about drapes that are too short or too long. 

They’re Cheap but Great-Looking

 Because draperies are made from fabric, they can be created quickly and easily. Most are also made in bulk so you don’t need to pay for custom-made options. Both of these reasons will help to keep the cost of your window treatments to a minimum. That’s often a huge benefit of temporary window treatments.

 Yet, the drapes won’t look cheap. Of course, this will depend on the exact fabric you choose, but the drapes can add character and style to your room. It’s also very easy to work with whatever décor you have in mind.

 Draperies in Nampa Offer Heating and Cooling Benefits 

You don’t just want lighting benefits. Your window treatments should help to cool the home in the summer and keep the home warm in the winter. That’s what you get with a set of drapes. 

While the material is fabric, most draperies are relatively thick. They create a good barrier against the heat attempting to escape the home in the winter months. You lock the heat in the home and that helps to manage the temperatures more consistently. 

In the summer months, the draperies in Nampa prevent the UV rays shining through the window. You keep the reason for rising temperatures out, so you don’t need to use the air con as much. While the drapes are cheap, they save you money in the long term.

 They’re Extremely Easy to Hang

 You won’t want to spend too much time hanging your temporary window treatments. Nor do you want to apply window coverings that damage the window frame. This is a problem with some, like blinds or shades that you have to drill into the window frame.

Drapes can be added with just a tension rod. The rod sits within the window, sticking to either side without any nails or screws. You don’t cause any damage or change the window frames at all. There’s also no need to have specialist skills to hand your window treatments.

 When you’re looking for temporary window treatments, you need to heavily consider draperies in Nampa. They’re cheap, but they look great and are extremely easy to hang in any room in the home.

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