When You Need Two Curtain Panels in Caldwell

It’s time to get new window coverings, and you’ve decided on getting curtain panels in Caldwell. Now you need to decide on the number of curtain panels you need for each window. Some people get away with just one, but there are times that you will need to get two.

It doesn’t matter about the material. There are times that you need the two strips of material either side of your window. Here are the top three signs you need to spend the extra money.

You Don’t Like the Asymmetrical Look

One curtain panel causes an asymmetrical look, and not everyone likes that. It’s okay to say that this style just isn’t for you and that you want the traditional symmetrical look. To get that, though, you need to get two curtain panels in Caldwell for each of your windows.

You’ll need the panels to match to get the symmetrical look. They need to sit either side of the windows and then close to the middle of the windows on each side. You can close them however you want during the day if you’re just trying to manage the glare, but on a night, you’ll want to close them to meet in the middle.

It doesn’t matter if your window needs two panels or not. You need to feel comfortable in your home, and sometimes, that means having symmetry around the windows.

Two Curtain Panels in Caldwell for Big Windows

Now it does come to the size of your windows. If you have small windows, you’ll often get away with just the one panel. In fact, one panel can look better for smaller windows. When you have larger windows, you’ll need to look at getting two curtain panels.

You’ll need the extra material to cover the entire window. While one panel may just fit, you may end up dealing with little gaps either side of the window. This allows heat to escape in the winter and will affect your blackout effects. When you have large windows, get the two panels and make sure the entire window is covered.

Two panels will also help to balance the window size. You can make the window look a little smaller, so it is more in proportion with the rest of the room.

When Furniture Isn’t Getting in the Way

One of the reasons for single curtain panels in Caldwell is due to furniture being in the way. You have to sacrifice that symmetrical look for practical needs. That’s not always the case, though. There are times that you’ll not have any furniture in the way.

When this is the case, you’ll want to work with what you feel is best. Does that mean two panels? If so, run with it. This is your home, and you deserve to have it looking just the way you like.

Not everyone can get away with single curtain panels in Caldwell. There are times that you need to add the two layers either side of your window. It means a little more money spent, but it’s worth it for the decorative and practical benefits.

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