What Are the Different Types of Roman Shades in Nampa?

When it comes to choosing roman shades in Nampa, you’ll find there are still decisions to make. There are different types of roman shades, all offering something unique for the décor.

Making choices can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Here are the different types of roman shades to help you find the right option for you.

The Classic Flat Roman Shades

If you’re looking for a minimalist or classic look for the home, you’ll want to consider flat roman shades in Nampa. The fabric panels will lay flat against the window when they’re closed. At first glance, they can look like normal roller shades.

The difference is when they’re opened. When raised, the material folds or stacks. Everything is drawn up together, sitting out of the way. Usually, you can get a valance to cover the cluster. Even without a valance, you get something that looks neat and tidy.

Don’t worry about things looking dull. Because of the fabric, your blinds will stand out beautifully.

Looped and Hobbled Roman Shades in Nampa

Sometimes you want something more for your windows. This is where looped or hobbled shades come in handy. There are various styles when it comes to this type. Unlike flat shades, these roman shades won’t sit flat when they’re opened. You can see where the breaks in the material are so that when they’re opened, they have a looped appearance.

In some cases, these types of roman shades are pleated. That creates a cascading element to the material when the shades are open. Even when you have them all the way open, they can block out the rays at the top of the window, helping to reduce the glare.

A balloon shade has material that hangs down over the window, usually covering about a third when fully opened. You still have the functionality of the window, but you get a little extra material to block out the rays during the height of the day.

These types of shades are eye-catching in any room, even when you choose a plain color.

Dog-Eared Options for a Vintage Look

Finally, you’ll want to consider vintage-style roman shades in Nampa. Dog-eared shades look beautiful and are sometimes called Londyn shades. They draw up at the sides, usually leaving a little material hanging down on the outer edges.

As they draw up, the middle section of the shade droops. You end up with this dog-eared look with the outer sections hanging down thanks to gravity at the same time. They’re tailored and elegant, while being beautiful. Plus, you can get them in a variety of colors and patterns to help them stand out further.

They do have an element of a Victorian look. This is why they’re so popular when you want a vintage style to your home.

Choosing the types of roman shades in Nampa doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. You just need to consider what you want to gain from your window treatments and the styles that work for your décor.

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