Top Benefits of Woven Wood Shades in Nampa

Nampa woven wood shades can look absolutely beautiful. The question you’ll have is whether they’re any good for your home. After all, aren’t real wood shades easily damaged? This can depend on the type of wood used. Many woven wood blinds are made from grass, bamboo, and natural fibers. And there are certainly benefits to adding woven wood treatments to your window. Here are the top benefits you’ll gain.

Privacy Without Darkness

While you want the sunlight to come into your home, you also want to offer privacy throughout the day and night. There are many window coverings that offer the privacy at the cost of the natural light shining through. That’s not the case with woven wood shades in Nampa. Because of the weaves, the shades allow some daylight to shine through.

You don’t get a complete blackout effect. It’s possible to reduce the glare without completely blocking out the light, so you don’t need to worry about the use of the lighting throughout the day. However, the weaves are tight enough to make it impossible for someone to look in.

Texture and Style for All Home Designs

Whether you want to bring out the Edwardian features in your home or you’re looking for something more modern, there are woven blinds for you. The shades are textured and warm without being overpowering. They come in different styles and colors, suiting whatever home design you have and style you want to achieve.

Nampa woven wood shades are also suitable for every room in the home. They work in bedrooms, conservatories, kitchens, and even bathrooms. They look good, bringing the character out of the room with ease.

Natural Fibers for an Eco-Friendly Home

Of course, woven wood shades are made of natural fibers. Whether grass, bamboo, or even reeds, the shades are made with only the most natural of materials. You get rid of the synthetics in your home. This creates an eco-friendly home.

What about the cost of HVAC and lighting? You can keep the bills down with these materials. The woven wood will lock in the heat into the home while helping the air circulate and breathe. Little escapes through the holes in the weaves, so you can keep the temperature in the rooms more consistent. However, the weaves are enough to let the humidity and moisture out, helping to minimize damage in the damper rooms.

Perfect for Inside and Out

Another major benefit is the placement of your shades. They can be placed inside the home or outside, making them popular options for the patio. The natural material is used for all weather elements, so you get privacy and protection when you’re in your garden. You get to minimize the heat on your patio, so you can enjoy the warm summer days outside.

It’s time to consider Nampa woven wood shades for your home. The natural material looks amazing and offers a range of heating and lighting benefits inside and outside the home.

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