Should You Paint Your Wooden Blinds in Caldwell?

You’ve got some beautiful wooden blinds in Caldwell. They’re not close to the end of their lifespan, but you want to update them a little. After all, you’re updating your décor in your home, so why not your window treatments?

Painting your wooden blinds could be an option. Is it the right option for you? Here are some factors to consider to help you decide.

There Is a Lot of Prep Work to Paint Your Blinds

The first thing to consider is the prep work. You can’t just apply paint to your wooden blinds in Caldwell and expect it to look good. That’s just not the way things work.

Not only will you need to clean the blinds fully, but you’ll also need to sand them down. This is for real wood blinds. If you have faux wood blinds, you won’t have to go through that step. However, with faux wood, you’ll need to consider the exact type of material you have to get the right paints and treatments.

With real wood and faux wood, you’ll need a primer. This is important to avoid the paint soaking into the wood. The primer helps to offer that layer of protection for the wood, while also makes the paint pop out.

Now you can paint. It will take at least two layers, maybe three, to get it looking just right. And you need to do this for every individual slat.

You May Change Your Décor Again in a Few Years

You’ve changed your décor once. What’s to stop you from doing it again? We tend to like to update our homes with new artwork or the latest trends. Do you really want to repaint your wooden blinds in Caldwell all the time?

Most people will want to choose one color and that’s it. If you paint your blinds in a bold color, you’ll need to build up from them the next time you change your décor. Or you repaint the blinds, which can be tricker than the first time if you’ve already opted for a darker color.

Sometimes, it’s best to keep things neutral and natural when it comes to blinds. They’re designed to last for decades. The neutral colors will work with updated décors much easier than bolder ones.

Wooden Blinds in Caldwell Double Well to Add Color

You can always add color to your home in other ways. A great benefit of wooden blinds is that they usually mount on the inside of your window frame. It makes them very easy to pair with another window covering.

Double up with a set of curtains or drapes. You can add the color to your home through these fabric materials. They are much cheaper and easier than repainting wooden blinds, and they will be much easier to replace if you want to update your décor in the future. You’ll also gain extra insulation and other benefits with the secondary layer.

It's time to update your décor, but just how far will you go with the wooden blinds in Caldwell? You may want to avoid painting them, unless you really are committed.

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