Is a Cornice in Nampa Old Fashioned?

You’re looking at all the window coverings and treatments available. Something you remember your parents having is a cornice in Nampa above each of the windows. You want to get that same look, but there’s one concern on your mind.

You want to keep your home up to date with the fashions and styles. Could a cornice be too old fashioned for your home, now? Here are some factors to consider.

The Styles of a Cornice in Nampa Have Updated

We start with how cornices have changed over the years. The exact style your parents had may now be out of fashion. That doesn’t mean cornices as a whole are old fashioned. It’s all about working with the new style that’s available.

This will depend on the style of your home, though. If you’re going for minimalist décor, a cornice isn’t going to work. It adds more flare to your home, distracting from the simplicity of the minimalist décor.

It’s worth looking at the styles of cornices now and keeping your own décor styles in mind. The styles will also update over time, but what you get now will be great for the next five or 10 years. Things don’t change with home décor that quickly.

You Can Keep Your Cornices Looking Fresh

If you’re worried about a cornice in Nampa going out of style, you can always look at ways to keep the décor fresh. It’s all about changing the colors or prints on your window coverings.

Cornices are made of wood, usually plywood. They can be worked over with paint or you can use wallpaper and fabrics to update the look and the style. The best option is to get a plain cornice and then work with paints and fabrics to get the desired look.

The great thing is you can update your cornices regularly. Take them down, add a fresh layer of paint or a new fabric, and your window coverings will look as good as new.

We Can’t Say What the Styles Will Be Like in Years to Come

Of course, one thing we can’t do is tell you what styles will be in fashion in the next decade or so. The styles do change, and what looks good now might be out of style in a few years’ time. This is something we all have to contend with when it comes to any type of window covering.

A cornice in Nampa is still worth considering. The benefit is being able to update it as the styles change. If you find you want a minimalist look in 10 years, you can always remove the cornice and patch up the holes. There are ways to make a cornice work with a minimalist style if you get creative. If loud colors come into fashion, you can update your cornices with that style when you want.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a cornice in Nampa right now. They aren’t old fashioned, but you will need to think about the style right now and in the near future.

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