Important Facts About Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades In Boise

Are you thinking about adding top-down bottom-up shades in Boise to the windows in your house, but are not sure this is the right choice for your windows. To help make your decision easier it is a good idea for you to learn some important facts about these shades.

Learning these facts will help you determine if this is the best style of shade for your windows. The following are the most essential facts for you to know.

1. Safe for children and pets - This shade is cordless, and that makes it safe for children and pets. Kids and pets like to play with cords, and that can be dangerous for them, but with this shade that is not something that you have to worry about.

These shades have no cords so they are safe for kids of all ages, and for any pets that live in your home.

2. Allows you to maintain privacy - This shade works just like it sounds, the top of the shade can be lowered to allow in sunlight or so you can look out the window, but to help your family maintain their privacy the bottom part of the shade will stay closed.

That way your family can have their privacy, but can also still enjoy the sunlight from outdoors whenever you choose to.

3. Lighter than other window coverings - This shade is made from a lighter material that allows it to not be as heavy as other window coverings. You still get the privacy, and great style that you want from it, but you get it with a shade that is light, and that is great for hanging in any window due to how light it is.

4. Installation is easy - The installation for these shades is the same as for any regular cellular shade. That means that it is easy for anyone to be able to install this shade, even if you have never done this type of thing before.

5. A little more expensive, but still very affordable - These shades are a little more expensive than regular cellular shades, but they are still very affordable for any budget.

Now that you know these facts about the top-down bottom-up shades in Boise you can easily make a decision about whether or not they are the right window coverings for your home. Just keep in mind all of these facts about these shades so you are happy with your final decision.

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