How Often Do You Need to Charge Automated Blinds in Nampa?

Not all automated blinds in Nampa are attached to the main electrical system in the home. There are times that you’ll be able to disconnect and then charge up the battery. Think of it as like charging up your phone.

Does that mean you need to charge the battery every night? If that’s the case, isn’t it worth just getting something connected to the mains in the first place? Here’s what you need to know about charging your automated blinds.

Not All Automated Blinds in Nampa Are Chargeable

You won’t always get blinds that need charging. Some of them, you plug in at the wall and that’s it. They remain connected to the mains, and you can use them whenever you want.

Then there are others that are connected via a battery that doesn’t charge. This is a battery that you’ll need to change, and depending on the size, you’re looking at between six months and a year in the majority of cases. The batteries are standard ones that you’ll get from the store, so you don’t have to worry about cost of replacements.

There are some batteries that are chargeable. You could get batteries that you place in a case and switch out when you need to charge them. There are others that are connected inside the blinds, and you’ll charge them with the mains directly. Take a look at the automated blinds in Nampa before you buy them to see which type you’re getting.

How Often Should You Charge the Batteries?

Do you need to charge as often as your laptop or your phone? Don’t worry about this. You’re not going to have to plug in the systems every night before you go to sleep.

In most cases, you’re charging the battery every six months. This will depend on how often you use your blinds. If you use them like the average person where they open and close fully once or maybe twice a day depending on the light placement and privacy needs, then you’ll get the six months out of the battery. You could even get a little longer.

The six months is assuming you’re going to use the automated blinds in Nampa as efficiently as possible. This means opening and closing or twisting the slats regularly to block the light and UV rays.

How Difficult Is Charging the Blinds?

Worried that you’ll need to mess around with a system to get the batteries charged? If you have blinds with removeable batteries, then you will need to get into the system and change them. However, a lot of rechargeable shades will attach to the mains directly.

You can just plug the shades into the wall. Leave them overnight and you’ll have blinds that are ready to use the next day. If you haven’t ran the battery down completely, you’ll even be able to use the shades while they’re charging, and most shades will come with manual options just in case there is a power cut.

Now is the time to invest in your home. Automated blinds in Nampa make your life easier, and they don’t need recharging that often.

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