How Large Should the Louvers Be on Plantation Shutters in Nampa?

When it comes to adding new window treatments to your home, you want to consider plantation shutters in Nampa. They’re more than worth the investment, especially if you plan to be in your home for at least 10 years.

There are various considerations and decisions to make when it comes to plantation shutters. One of those is the size of the louvers. Do you go big or small?

The exact size you get will depend on what you want to gain from your shutters. The size of the louvers will affect the size of the gaps when open. Here are the top considerations to make to help you choose the louver size.

How Much Light Do You Want to Let In When the Louvers Are Open?

When you have large louvers, you will end up with wider gaps. This is great if you like to let as much light in the room as possible. When the louvers are parallel to the ground, you can let a lot of light through the larger gaps. There’s always the control by twisting the louvers slightly to manage the lights.

But what about when you don’t want to let a lot of light through the gaps in the plantation shutters in Nampa? If you want minimal light, you’ll want to look at the smaller louvers. This will make the gaps smaller.

You still end up with the same amount of space within the overall shutters. The gaps just help to make it look like less light is shining through. There’s more material from the louvers to make it look like you have less light, which can be more comfortable.

What Sort of Heating Benefits Do You Need from Plantation Shutters in Nampa?

Large gaps will mean it’s easy for the heat to escape through the window. If you’re getting your shutters purely for the heating benefits, this is something you’ll need to consider carefully. You don’t want to lose more heat than you should, right?

Sure, the amount of space you have is actually the same. The difference is the size of the gaps. Wider gaps make it easier for the heat to escape.

You’ll also find the temperature benefits during the day are also affected. Larger gaps will mean more UV rays get through the windows, raising the temperatures in the home.

Are You Concerned About Privacy Implications of Large Gaps?

Wider gaps in plantation shutters in Nampa will also lead to a clearer view of your home. If privacy is important to you, you’ll want to look at the smaller louvers. It’s harder to see through the multiple smaller gaps.

If you’re not concerned about privacy, you will need to consider the other two factors above. However, most people get window coverings for some sort of privacy, whether it’s day or night.

You could get the larger louvers on plantation shutters in Nampa if you want to get more light into your home. However, you will find some downsides come with those large louvers.

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