Do You Need Secondary Window Coverings with Cellular Shades in Caldwell?

When it comes to buying new window coverings for the home, you want to keep the costs down. That means only getting one type of window covering instead of doubling up. Now you need to find a window treatment that does it all, and you’re hearing great things about cellular shades in Caldwell.

Cell shades are also known as honeycomb shades. The terms are interchangeable, so you don’t need to worry about one being better than the other. Do you need a secondary covering, though?

It Will Depend on the Room for Cellular Shades in Caldwell

Before you start looking at your options, you’ll need to consider the room you’re getting the shades for. Do you need a complete blackout effect sometimes but not all the time? Are you in a room that requires a lot of privacy, or is temperature control your main concern?

The reason for different window treatments is that each room in the home has a different need. You need to add window coverings that suit the need and the benefits that you want to gain.

Cellular shades in Caldwell are great for a variety of reasons. One thing they can’t usually do is block all the light coming into the home. If you need a blackout effect, you’ll need a secondary option. However, for most other reasons, you can get away with just the cell shades.

Top-Down Cellular Shades Will Offer the Most Benefits

Make sure you get the right type of honeycomb shades. There are some that only open the traditional way. They pull up and down and that’s it. What about if you want privacy but you also want to let some of the natural light in? You’ll want to look at cellular shades in Caldwell that open from the top down.

These are the type of shades that sit on a runner, so you’re even getting rid of the cords for safety. You’ll be able to pull the top of the shade down while the bottom remains in place. This allows the natural light in, even some of the UV rays if you don’t mind that. The bottom of the window remains covered. This is where most people see through, so you’re blocking the view without sacrificing any of the light.

Even on an evening you get privacy. The material isn’t see-through at all. It doesn’t work like solar shades where you only get privacy from the direction the light shines from. Cellular shades are more like roller shades in the way that they cover the entire window and block the view. People may see some shadows to see movement, but they won’t be able to physically see through your window at what you have and whether you’re in.

There’s no need to spend extra money on secondary window coverings. Cellular shades in Caldwell will cover the majority of benefits that you need. It will depend on the room of the house, though. If you need full light blocking, you’ll need something extra around the windows.

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