Can You Change the Level of Opaqueness for Your Solar Screens in Caldwell?

You want to get a set of solar screens in Caldwell for your home. After last summer, you know that they’re going to be beneficial, especially after seeing how your friends use them.

There was just a problem with your friends’ screens. They looked good, but the level of opaqueness wasn’t quite where you would like it. Is it possible to manage this to get it right where you need it?

What Is the Opaqueness Level?

Solar screens can be see-through in a way. They can be clear enough from one side to see through them clearly but offer privacy from the other side. It all works through the direction of the light.

You can’t see through the shades from whichever direction the light is shining. During the day, it’s impossible to see into the home through solar screens in Caldwell. During the night, you won’t be able to see out but people can see in.

It’s the nighttime where the problem lies. You want to gain privacy, and you don’t necessarily want to buy a secondary layer to gain that.

Opaqueness Changes in Solar Screens in Caldwell

You’ll want to look into getting custom made solar screens. This is the best way to get exactly what you want from the window coverings. It’s the only way to get the opaqueness level that you require.

The levels work as a percentage. As the percentage goes up, the opaqueness goes down. Yes, it seems like an odd way of doing things, but you’re starting with a base for roller shades and then working closer to what solar shades would be.

If you opted for 0%, you’d get something that isn’t see-through at all. You’ll block the glare and keep some of the light, filtering it instead of blocking it all out. However, you wouldn’t be able to see through the shades when they’re down.

As you go higher up in the percentage, you’ll allow more view outside of your home—and this means more view into your home on a night. In most cases, you can get up to 15%, which is when you’ll get the traditional solar screens you see where they allow in a lot of light without the glare.

It's Not All About Privacy

The level of openness in your solar screens in Caldwell isn’t just about privacy. You’re also managing the heat.

If you allow a lot of light into the home, you’ll also allow in a lot of heat during the warmer months. This can be fine if you like warmer temperatures, but you’ll find your air con has to work a little harder. You can manage the heat a little better with less open window coverings.

Thicker solar screens will help to block the UV rays shining through. You’ll reduce the heat and the damage the rays can do to upholstery around your home.

You don’t have to stick with the first solar screens in Caldwell that you find. It’s important to find an opaqueness level that is right for your needs.

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