Can Wooden Blinds in Nampa Work for French Doors?

There are so many types of blinds and shades out there, that choosing something for your home can be difficult. You need to look at the space you’re looking to add wooden blinds in Nampa to. It’s important to make sure the space is right for the types of blinds rather than buying and then trying to force.

French doors can be difficult to manage. You have the issue of the handle sometimes getting caught in window coverings. However, you still need to cover up the large windows within the doors. Wooden blinds can work, but here are considerations you need to make first.

Will They Fit Within the Window Frame?

Start by looking at the window frame within the door. This is going to be on the smaller side compared to all the windows around your home. It can make fitting wooden blinds in Nampa into that space difficult. Not impossible, but definitely difficult.

You’ll want to take some measurements of the door. This is the best way to get blinds that are going to fit in the area. Then you’ll need to get custom blinds.

You’ll also need to take measurements for the width of the windows in the doorway. These blinds can’t hang on the outside of the door frame as that would be impractical. They need to fit perfectly within the width of the French door window.

Could Wooden Blinds in Nampa Get Caught in the Handle?

Take a look at the handle positioning. If you have a ball handler, you’ll be in a lot of luck. These handles don’t tend to get in the way of the slats of blinds. That’s not the case for the handles you grip and pull down to open. And some of those handles you’ll live up to lock in place.

You need to make sure the blinds can sit within the window frame without getting in the way of the door handle. If the door handle constantly catches on the slats, you’ll find you use them less and less. You’re not getting all the benefits you’re paying for. Make your life as simple and as financially effective as possible.

Are They Safe for the Whole Family?

Now it’s time to look at the style of blinds. Most wooden blinds in Nampa are going to be slatted blinds. This is important to consider as it will affect some safety elements. They’re likely to have cords that will twist the slats and then pull them open fully.

If you have children or pets, you’ll want to buy cordless window coverings. The cords are a strangulation risk, especially around the French doors. You can find some wooden blinds that are cordless, but they may be a little more on the expensive side.

Of course, you could always choose motorized blinds. There are some excellent options, and they’re safe for the whole family.

The French doors aren’t the easiest to cover when it comes to buying window coverings. Wooden blinds in Nampa can work, but you’ll need to consider the downsides as well as the benefits.

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