Boost Your Mood with the Right Color Window Treatments in Nampa

While you’re looking at the lighting and heating benefits of window treatments in Nampa, something you won’t necessarily consider is how your treatments will affect your mood. The color of the shades or blinds that you get will have a direct effect on your mental health.

The color of the blinds will help to set the tone in the room. Some colors have negative connotations to them, while others will help to boost the brightness in your mind. It’s time to get the right colors. Here are the top colors to boost your mood when you walk into a room.

Keep Things Calm with White

Let’s start with a color that is neutral and will work with any décor in the home. White is one of the most simplistic colors, but will be perfect for window treatments in Nampa. The simplicity of the color helps to boost the calm feeling you get when you walk into a room.

Adding too much color can be overwhelming. Even when you choose colors that make you happy or that are your favorite, too many of them will make you feel anxious. You want to strip some of the color back and the best way to do that is through white shades or blinds.

Opt for Yellow to Brighten the Space

When you’re ready to add a splash of color, start with yellow window treatments in Nampa. You want a light yellow, one that reminds you of the sand on the beach or the sun in the sky. Yellow is one of the best colors for boosting the mood. Everyone feels instantly happier.

The color reminds many of peaceful times on beaches. It makes them think of the summer months and the excitement of being on holiday with friends. This helps to make them happier as soon as they walk into the room.

Feel the Warmth with Orange Window Treatments in Nampa

Being warm makes people happy. When you put orange window treatments, you will immediately make people think of the warmth of fires or the warmth of the sun. They can think of beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the summer months.

Orange is also a great color in the fall and winter. It reminds people of roaring fires, which makes them immediately feel warmer when walking into a room. Even if you don’t have the heating on, they’ll feel more at ease when visiting.

Sense the Outdoors with Green

Finally, you want to look at adding green window treatments in Nampa to your home. Opt for a darker green, one that you would see in the forests. You’ll think of the wildlife and nature. This color is also perfect throughout the year because you’ll think of big blossoms in the summer but the evergreen trees in the winter.

Green isn’t as effective as other colors. This is just a great way to add a neutral feeling while bringing a splash of color.

You’ll be surprised by the way color will boost your mood. Add a color with your window treatments in Nampa and you’ll feel calmer and happier in your home.

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