Are Plantation Shutters in Caldwell Safe for the Whole Family?

Whenever you get new window coverings, you want to make sure they’re good and safe for the whole family. If you have children and pets, you have a few extra considerations to run through. You’ve found that plantation shutters in Caldwell tick all the boxes you need but are they safe for the whole family.

It's good to look into the details of the window coverings. The good news is these window treatments are among the safest for the whole family. It’s pets you really need to think carefully about if you have animals with separation anxiety.

Plantation Shutters Have No Cords to Worry About

First of all, the biggest benefit is the lack of cords. When you need to move the louvers, you’ll pull or push gently on the middle of one of the louvers. This usually works the mechanism for all of them. If you get motorized plantation shutters in Caldwell, it’s even better.

Cords are the most dangerous part of all window coverings in the home, especially when children and pets are concerned. There’s no need to worry about them with plantation shutters. You can hang the shutters in all rooms in the home and not have to keep checking in on whether your children are tangled up in them.

And there’s no need to replace them constantly for this benefit. While plantation shutters are on the expensive side upfront, they’re a long-term investment for your home.

Your Plantation Shutters in Caldwell Are Stationary Items

There tends to be the concern that your children or pets are going to climb on the window coverings. That is possible with plantation shutters, especially for animals. They can get their claws into the louvers.

However, there’s less danger with plantation shutters than with other window coverings. The shutters are fixed in place with screws. They are sturdy options so aren’t going to fall down like tension rods for your curtains.

It’s also possible to latch the shutters in place. This can be open or close. Either way, the doors aren’t going to swing and cause accidents.

They Can Block the View to the World

Now it comes to the downside if you have pets. Plantation shutters in Caldwell can block the view to the world. Even with the louvers open, pets with bad separation anxiety can struggle with the shutters being there. It can make their separation anxiety worse, and you find they try to get through the physical shutters to the window.

There is a way around this. You could keep the shutters open when you’re not home. This will keep the window clear so your pets can watch for when you come home. However, you lose some of the benefits of having the shutters when this happens.

Plantation shutters in Caldwell are excellent options for the home. They offer a range of benefits, but most of all, they’re safe for the family. You’ll need to consider options for pets with separation anxiety, but for children, they’re the best options.

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