4 Ways to Keep Your Cellular Blinds in Nampa Looking Just Like New

You got a set of cellular blinds in Nampa for the many financial benefits you gain. They’re cheap to buy and offer a range of financial benefits in the long term. However, they can look aged much quicker than the likes of venetian blinds and shutters. So you need to find a way to keep them looking like new.

 With some maintenance tips, you can keep your blinds looking fresh. Here are the top tips, and they don’t even need to take that long to do.

 Start with a Daily Vacuum

 When you have the vacuum out, you’ll want to run it gently over your cellular blinds in Nampa. Work with the nozzle to run across the waves on the front and back, picking up the dust that can lodge. You’ll then want to use it to get to the honeycombs at the side.

 You may need to use an empty aerosol can with a straw to blow the dust and dead bugs to the edges of the honeycombs. You can then vacuum the debris easily.

Spot Clean Any Stains

If you do find dirt or stains on your blinds, you’ll need to spot clean them. There’s no need to pull your shades down and give them a good scrub. The best thing you can do is get a damp cloth and just spot the section that has been stained.

 You’ll find your shades look just like new for longer. This is especially the case if you got the white shades to add light to your home.

 Use the Upholstery Brush on Cellular Blinds in Nampa Weekly

 Once a week, you’ll need to do a little extra maintenance. This is especially the case if you skip a day of vacuuming for whatever reason. The dust collecting will start to make your shades look grey. You’ll need to make sure all the dust is dislodged.

 Grab the upholstery brush on your vacuum and use it weekly. You’ll need to do this a little gentler than you would on your couch or some of your furniture because of the delicacy of some shade fabrics, but your blinds will immediately look like new.

 Avoid the Chemicals

 When you are cleaning, it can be tempting to pull out the chemicals. You want to use something that is going to immediately lift the stains, right? This is the worst thing you can do on your cellular blinds in Nampa.

 The fabric doesn’t need a harsh chemical. In fact, even soapy water can be too much for some fabrics. Just warm water will be enough to help lift many of the stains on the material without damaging the integrity of the fabric.

 Cellular blinds in Nampa certainly offer many benefits, but they can look worn and old very quickly if they’re not looked after. Follow the above four tips and you’ll find that your shades last for decades. You’ll only have to replace when you’re ready for something new on your windows.

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