4 Times Short Drapes in Caldwell Are Just What You Need

When you’re getting drapes in Caldwell, you’ll often hear that they should be long enough to reach the floor. This is a common requirement to make sure they work for the flow of the room. But sometimes, long drapes don’t work. You need short ones instead.

Short ones can mean they sit halfway between the bottom of the window and floor or it can mean they just touch the windowsill. Here are four times these types of drapes can be perfect for your needs.

When You Have Wide But Short Windows

Not all windows are made the same. In the majority of cases, your windows will be longer than they are wider. If you have wider windows, they’re usually separated by frames, so you have three or four panes next to each other. But sometimes, you get windows that are short but wide.

In this case, you need to dress the windows for the width. Long drapes in Caldwell aren’t just more costly, but they will also look odd. You end up with more of the wall covered with the drapes, which can take over.

You want something that works within the window. Shorter drapes will sit inside the window and create a modern style.

When a Radiator Gets in the Way

Many homes have radiators under the window. You don’t want to block them with your drapes in Caldwell. In that case, you need to look at something that works better, which means you need shorter drapes.

You want something that sits above the radiators. If you get longer drapes to cover, you end up creating more condensation in the winter. You can also block the heat getting into the room, making using the heat a waste of money. Shorter drapes keep the radiators useable.

Short Drapes in Caldwell for Windows with Furniture Next to Them

You may have furniture that sits by the windows. This is common in the kitchen with sinks and cabinets and in offices where you may have the desk set up by the window to look out.

You furniture will catch with the drapes. In some cases, the drapes will sit on top of the furniture. It’s better to get a set of shorter drapes instead, so they still hang loose in the windows. This is when you really want something that sits just within the window frame or just below the sill instead of down the wall.

If You’re Looking to Save Money

Shorter drapes in Caldwell mean you spend less money on your window treatments. After all, you have less fabric, which means you use less materials to create the drapes. Whether you make your own drapes or you’re buying from a store, you’ll end up saving money by choosing the shorter options.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to consider this benefit. You can still get a variety of colors and thickness of material, but you just get to save money on the amount of material you use.

Long drapes look beautiful, but they’re not the best options for the home. You’ll need to think about short drapes in Caldwell for your needs.

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