4 Most Common Types of Electric Blinds in Nampa

While you’re looking at window coverings, you’ll most likely come across the offer of electric blinds in Nampa. They’re certainly beautiful additions but this isn’t a case of one size fits all. There are different types of electrical blinds depending on your needs.

This is more than just the style, such as roller or roman blinds. You can get a range of styles but you’ll need to consider whether you want them for the inside or outside of your home. Here are the four most common types of electric blinds for your home.

Interior Motorized Blinds

Of course, the most common type of blind is one that is mounted inside your home. They are often battery powered, and the batteries can last for one to five years. There’s no need to connect to your electrical supply if you don’t want, making them less complicated than anything else out there.

You can get different styles of blinds. If you want roller blackout shades, they’re available. Need something that works for your sliding doors and windows? There are electric blinds in Nampa for you.

Roller Shutters for Protection

When it comes to external blinds, the most common you’ll find is a set of roller shutters. They are usually wired but you can get some battery-operated ones. You’ll control with a remote, either detached or on the wall inside.

The roller shutters tend to be made of a metal material. They work similarly to garage doors, but cover the windows. One of the greatest benefits is the protection from the outside. If there’s bad weather or you’re worried about break-ins, you can close the blinds without going outside.

Venetian Blinds for Inside and Out

Electric blinds in Nampa can come in a venetian style. It’s possible to buy both internal and external options. The external options are made with a stronger and more durable material to work against the external elements.

One of the benefits of venetian blinds is that you can twist the slats. This allows you to let some light into the room without all the glare. However, you can also create a completely blackout effect if you want. Venetian blinds tend to come with cords, but you can cut the cords and keep the family safe with the motorized element.

Vertical Screens for Protection with Light

Ever wanted something over your window that would let the light in but keep the glare out? Wanted something like solar shades but for the outside of your home? Vertical screens are the electric blinds in Nampa that you want to consider.

The screens can be raised and lowered at will. It’s placed in a track within the frame of your window and there’s a small box placed in the home. This is a wired option, so you’ll need to work with your electricity.

The screen offers protection for the window from damage. It can also allow you to fully open your window but prevent bugs getting through.

Look at your needs for your home. Electric blinds in Nampa are not a case of one size fits all. There are interior and exterior options depending on the type of benefits you want to gain.

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