4 Curtain Panels in Nampa for a Seaside Feel

Sometimes you want to bring the outdoors inside. Your window treatments offer the perfect way to do this, without feeling like you’re actually bringing nature into your home. With the right Nampa curtain panels, there’s no need to bring something that requires care to keep it alive!

Bringing the seaside into your home will help to lift the mood, especially in the dead of winter. Here are four tips to bring the seaside through your curtains.

Blue and White Stripes

The blue and white horizontal stripes are commonly viewed as Navy styles. You can use this to your advantage. Work with deep blues and crisp whites, getting the perfect contrast with each of your stripes.

You can even finish this with your curtain rope ties. Opt for a tie with a small anchor on the side. You don’t just get the colors, but the overall feel of the Navy, the sea, and the outside air.

Yellows Fading to White

Think about being on the beach and the summer feeling. You will usually think of bright colors like oranges and yellows. Work with bright yellows for the seaside feeling, linking to the beautiful sandy beaches of your favorite holiday destination.

The fade up to the white is the perfect way to add color without drawing far too much attention or feeling like your Nampa curtain panels are too bright. Opt for a bright, bold yellow at the bottom that slowly fades up to the white. You can do this the other way around, but it works better upwards for the seaside feel.

You can also do this with light blues that fade to white or even greens. The two colors will give the feeling of the sea.

Get Anchor Patterns

Many people will get curtain panels in Nampa with some sort of pattern or shapes dotted around their curtains. You can do that but with a seaside twist.

Anchors are one of the most preferred options, especially for an adult bedroom or a living room. The curtains look more mature with anchors than other seaside options. The other option is to work with a pattern of shells throughout the panels. You can even start with a big collection at the bottom that slowly diminishes towards the top.

If you’re working with a child’s room then you can totally work with other shapes. Think about sand castles, buckets and spades, and even deck chairs!

Just Stick to the Bold Colors

Instead of going special with patterns and shading, stick to individual colors for your panels. The color that works best for the seaside is blue. A blue-green color will give the feeling of the sea in your home.

You can also work with yellows and oranges. This will give you the feeling of beach destinations and holidays, but it’s still the feeling of the seaside.

Bring the outdoors to your home with the right Nampa curtain panels. With the ideas above, you’ll have something that works for all rooms in your home.

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