3 Tips to Make Your Blackout Shades in Nampa Work with Your Room Décor

Gone are the days where you have to use black shades and curtains to create a complete blackout effect in your home. Materials have developed since then and it’s now possible to create a beautiful space that plunges your home in complete darkness. Now you can make your Nampa blackout shades work with your home’s décor instantly.

Shades, unlike blinds, tend to be made of fabric. You’ll need to find thick material, especially if you’re looking for lighter shades. Keep that in mind when working with your décor options.

Stick to One Bold Color

Why not make your blackout shades in Nampa stand out? One of the best ways to do this is to opt for a bold color. Work with black if you want. There’s nothing wrong with such a contrasting color. However, you can also work with blues, reds, pinks and even bright oranges.

Neon colors can offer a bright, futuristic look to your home. It’s possible to get that 80s look in your bedroom or den, making you think of a time that you wish you could go back to.

Bright colors certainly have their benefits, especially in darker rooms. Bright oranges and yellows are among the best, as they naturally boost your mood.

Work with Patterns, Cartoon Characters, and More

It’s time to add your personality to your blackout shades in Nampa. Did you know you can buy Marvel style shades? What about Care Bear and other cartoon characters? It’s possible to work with absolutely any interest or desire and continue a theme in your room.

Don’t worry about trying to build your theme on top of the blinds. You don’t have to buy them first and wonder how you can work with them. It’s possible to get custom-made options at a low cost to work with the wallpaper, sheets, ornaments and more.

Want a cute room for the kids? Not a problem. Need something that matches the geeky world of your den? Blackout blinds in Nampa have you covered.

Keep It Neutral and Clean

Beige, brown, grey and even white are all options when using Nampa blackout shades. It’s all about the thickness of the material. It’s possible to keep your window treatments completely neutral.

How does this help your décor? Well, you’re working with a blank canvas. If you want your windows to blend with your walls, you can get that easily. Need to keep the windows plain to pull out the features of another part of your room? Not a problem at all.

Neutral bases are among the best options if you’re renting out a property. It’s easier for your tenants to feel relaxed and more at home, so you get more interest.

Now is the time to think about your décor options. Nampa blackout shades certainly offer a range of benefits. They help to plunge your home into darkness, but that doesn’t mean you’re only working with black.

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