The Best Window Treatments for Casement Windows

Casements are a unique type of window and finding a window treatment for them in a style that matches your decor takes some consideration. We'll show you how to dress any casement window.

What are casement windows?

Many windows slide up and only open halfway. Casement windows are unique: Their glass panes are attached to hinges instead of sliders, and they open all the way. This allows them to let in more air and natural light than other windows, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where you want an extra breeze to combat heat and humidity.Cellular Shades Living Room Signature SeriesCasement windows have hinges on the sides, unlike awning windows, which have hinges at the top. They are common in Craftsman and Tudor houses and are often recessed. These elements combine to create a unique window with specific window treatment needs.

What are the types of casement windows?

Casement windows come in a wide range of styles. They often have a crank that opens or closes the window.

  • Single-frame: A single-frame casement window has one panel that opens out.
  • Double-frame or French: Double frame casement windows have two glass panels that open to opposite sides. They often don't have a post between the panels, which makes for beautiful, expansive views.
  • Push-out: These casement windows don't have a crank. Instead, they can be pushed outward to open them. Many can be secured with a latch or locking mechanism.
  • In-swing: Unlike most casement windows, these open inward instead of outward.

What are the best window treatments for casement windows?

Because they’re so different from one another, there’s no single window treatment that works for every casement window. Here are some common options that will work with many of them.


Shades are a popular option for casement windows because they can be fitted inside the window's recess or outside its frame. Our shades are cordless, making them easy to use and safe for children or pets.

Shades can be motorized, allowing you to control them with the push of a button or program them to raise and lower at different times of the day.

Shades are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Here are some of the best for casement windows:

Cellular shades

Cellular shades use a honeycomb design which raises into a very narrow stack when opened and offers superior insulation and energy efficiency when closed. Their sleek, modern designs pair well with drapes and valances. Their top-down/bottom-up construction lets you adjust their coverage precisely for privacy and light control.

Roman shades

For textured shades with elegant fabric layers, you want Roman shades. They complement a range of traditional and modern interior styles. When pulled up all the way, their draping fabric looks like a valance.

Roman shades can be installed outside the glass as well as inside. Roman shades create pops of beautiful exterior colors when mounted outside the window, offering great curb appeal.

Roller shades

Sometimes casement windows can look a little traditional, and patterned roller shades are a great way to update the room. Our roller shades are available in 240 fabric options, so we’re sure to have the perfect pattern to match your decor.


Interior shutters are a popular choice to let air in through casement windows. Crank open your window on a beautiful day, then open the louvers of your shutters to get just the right amount of air in your kitchen or living room. On cold days, they can be closed firmly to provide excellent insulation and energy efficiency. Bi-fold track shutters even work for extra-wide casement windows.

Shutters look great with rustic or country home interiors, especially if you opt for natural wood with a nice finish. White shutters made of wood composite help brighten small kitchens and pair well with cool-colored interiors.

Because shutters are made of wood, they can be custom-fit to your windows. That makes them a great choice for uniquely-shaped windows like octagons or arches.

Panel drapes

If your casement windows swing outward, panel drapes are a great option. They pair well with blinds, which control the amount of light coming through the window while the drapes add a pop of color. Energy-efficient fabrics work well for south-facing windows, while blackout liners are a great choice for bedrooms.Panel DrapesDon’t worry about the casement window handle getting in the way of drapes. If the window is recessed, the drapes won't hit the handle. If not, consider a set of decorative drapes that you keep tied back away from the glass for a timeless look.

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