The Best Window Treatments for: Tudor Houses

You don't need to have grown up in an American suburb to know what a Tudor-style house looks like. These homes have a distinctive, old-world charm that's easy to spot, and a fairytale architecture style that makes them stand out.

If you own a Tudor-style house, you know that the windows are the stars of the show. Many Tudors have intricate, leaded-glass windows with a diamond-patterned design and bay windows that really stand out. These kinds of windows can be tricky to decorate, as it’s important to maintain their classic look.

But before we talk about how to go about dressing your windows, here's some Tudor house history to reflect upon.

Tudor-Style Houses

A Quick Look Into the History & Architecture
of Tudor-Style Houses

Tudor houses originated in England in the late 15th century and stayed in fashion until the 16th century. Half-timbered, with daub-painted walls and white-painted stucco, these houses had small-paned casement windows and steeply pitched roofs. They often featured a jetty overhanging the street.

Largely forgotten for three centuries, Tudor-style homes made a comeback in America in the 19th century. The more modern Tudor style was created in reaction to the Victorian Gothic Revival that dominated the second half of the century.

The Tudor style has stood the test of time, and continues to be a popular style today. Whether your home is a hundred years old or new construction, finding the right window-treatment style can be a challenge. Read on for tips on how to make the most of your windows while retaining their classic charm and staying true to the Tudor style.

Window Treatments for Tudor Style Homes:
Which One Suits You Best?

The modern Tudor-style house typically has several window styles: gable dormer windows, transom windows, French doors, bay windows, and casement windows. Below are a few of the best window treatments for Tudor homes.

Woven Wood Shades for Tudor Homes

When it comes to beauty and versatility in window treatments, nothing beats woven window shades. Depending on the style you choose, woven window shades can add interest and functionality to your Tudor-style house.

Of all the woven wood shade styles out there, Roman shades are arguably the most popular. These shades are a great match for Tudor homes, as they provide a classic look and modern functionality.

In terms of privacy, woven wood shades — Roman shades and looped Roman styles included — fare pretty well. They provide the feel of drapes with the convenient flexibility of shades, making it easier to enjoy the sunshine during the day and more privacy at night.

Eco-Friendly Window Treatments

At Budget Blinds, going green is incredibly important for us. As much as we enjoy modernizing and beautifying windows with state-of-the-art window treatments, keeping our environment clean and beautiful is a priority. What good is a beautiful window if the view is spoiled?

We think eco-friendly window treatments can help transform an older Tudor home into a modern house, featuring a classic look but contemporary functionality.

When selecting the materials for your window treatments, consider natural fibers such as jute, wood, reed, and bamboo. These materials make it easy to achieve the perfect balance of style and sustainability.

Other than providing privacy, eco-friendly wood blinds act as a natural insulator that keeps away excess sunlight, ensuring your Tudor house remains comfortable — even at the peak of summer.

Older Tudor-style homes may have casement windows, which tend to leak a lot of heat. Upgrading to eco-friendly window treatments means that you can finally say goodbye to heat loss and steep electricity bills. Modern window treatments have unparalleled energy efficiency that helps reduce overreliance on electric or wood heating.

Eco-friendly window treatments — including cellular shades or tandem woven shades — provide excellent soundproofing for both internal and external noise.

Window Treatments for Transom Windows

Window Treatments for Transom Windows

Thou shall not put Roman shades, blinds, drapes, or any other window treatment style on sacred transom windows. It's written in the Tudor stylebook — or is it? It's a little odd because most modern Tudor homeowners would rather have their windows remain out of style than have them covered. Some say they love how natural light seeps in — no way they're willing to lose that "luxury."

The truth? There are a wide variety of window treatments for transom windows that are just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. For instance, you can have:

Whatever your preference, rest assured there are more than enough window treatments out there to give your Tudor transom windows a facelift. You just have to know where to look.

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