Moodboard: Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Style Moodboard

Moodboard: Farmhouse Style  

Whether you're looking to redo your entire home, a single room, or add to your existing decor style, a farmhouse-style moodboard can help you visualize the details that influence a finished room. You can add a couple of pieces to slowly change the decor in a room or strip the room and start from scratch, painting, adding furniture, and changing window treatments. This moodboard can inspire you to make small room changes or help you design an entire home in the farmhouse style. 

What are the farmhouse styles? 

Farmhouse styles are a design choice that highlights simplicity and practicality with a strong flavor of rustic details. This interior design style creates a home that's warm and welcoming for your friends and family. You can easily mimic this style with a few simple changes to other design styles.  

You have options when it comes to the farmhouse theme. There is a classic or traditional farmhouse style and an updated modern farmhouse approach. You might opt for the modern farmhouse style if you're looking for a design style that's a little more upscale with rustic influences.  

With the classic or traditional farmhouse style, you can do things, such as use blinds and shades together for a more comfortable feel without strictly adhering to traditional design rules. You can even use plantation shutters as a design feature.  

Traditional farmhouse design can feature almost any item you want to add to the room unless it's delicate or frail. You probably don't want to add lace doilies to a table, but a cowhide rug fits right into the style.  

Modern farmhouse design is more thought out with each piece selected to complement the others. The pieces and details in the modern look are still sturdy, practical, and rustic, but they aren't a thrown-together hodgepodge of furniture and accent pieces.  

When you opt for a modern farmhouse design, it's a more elegant look while remaining practical and comfortable for your family. Both farmhouse styles are great for families with children of all ages.  

Farmhouse styles bring warmth to any home or room. It provides comfort and elegance without fear of messing up the furniture or putting an item in the wrong place.  

What are common design elements in farmhouse style?  

Whether it's modern or traditional farmhouse style, there are common design elements that you see throughout a home or single room that help you identify it as farmhouse decor.  

Reclaimed wood 

In farmhouse style, you'll see a variety of wood pieces and many of them are made with reclaimed wood. This wood gives the room a rustic feel, and the wood pieces give off the vibe of warmth and long use. They look like pieces that have been passed down through the generations.  

Apron sink 

To get the farmhouse look in your kitchen, an apron sink is a must. This front-facing sink slides into the counter and spills over the edge. It's a large sink and offers a distinct look that marks it as a farmhouse sink.  

Rattan and wicker 

You don't need to go out and buy a set of wicker furniture to get the farmhouse feel, but a few wickers or rattan baskets can bring the look to life. You can place these pieces strategically throughout your home or room.  

Curtains and shutters 

While you don’t see blinds often in a farmhouse design, they can easily blend in if you are looking for a more traditional look. Patterned curtains are popular in the farmhouse style as are shutters on smaller windows, such as over a sink. You can mix and match curtain patterns and materials throughout a single room or the whole house.  

Ways to incorporate the farmhouse style into your home  

If you want to start transitioning your home or a single room to the farmhouse style, there are items that you can add to a room to incorporate the farmhouse style into it without spending a fortune, such as window treatments. You don't need to go out and replace everything. Here are some places to start incorporating the farmhouse look into your space using window treatments: 

Patterned curtains  

Adding patterned curtains can infuse the farmhouse feel in any room without making major changes to your decor. You can use the same pattern throughout your home or change it up from one room to the next. 


Classic hurricane shutters are a charming addition to smaller windows, such as one above your sink. You might also consider adding shutters to the bottom half of taller windows and then complementing them with curtains.  


If you're going for a traditional farmhouse look, you might consider combining blinds and curtains. Blinds come in a rainbow of colors, so you can easily find a shade that blends nicely with the curtains you select. You might opt for a solid color blind with patterned curtains or a single color curtain for a more simplistic feel.  


A valance adds a touch of elegance to any room. If you aren't comfortable with patterned curtains or blinds by themselves, you might consider using a patterned valance that adds character without overpowering the room.  

Getting started 

It's easy to move towards a farmhouse style in your home without redecorating the entire space. Window treatments are a great place to start. While window treatments are a small detail, they have a huge impact on the mood in any room. By using this moodboard or creating your own, you can easily work with a professional design consultant to see your ideas come to life. Feel free to contact us today to get started with a Free Consultation.

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