Minimalist Mood Board

Minimalist Mood BoardThe world has gotten busy. At all hours of the day, our minds are racing a mile a minute with our perpetual news cycle and constant social media saturation. Naturally, as people's daily life gets more complex and involved many have come to want a refreshing slice of simplicity in their home decor.

 This is the impetus behind the rising trend towards. Feeling comfortable in your space is essential, and your home should provide you a place where you are fully able to relax and recharge. With so much sensory overload in this digital world, it's no wonder that sleek, clean lines and simple colors and patterns have come back into style.

And while minimalist design themes can keep your home looking elegant, serene, and timeless, if you don't use all the tools at your disposal to support the theme, the execution in the final room can come across as… well, boring. Which is why, due to their placement and forms, to the perfect minimalist aesthetic.

Our Minimalist Mood board

Mood boards can be a great way to get inspired about interior design or anything creative. The mood board showcases your vision. It may not be a blueprint of what you want exactly but can unify scattered room decor ideas into a cohesive theme.

To develop a mood board for your minimalist theme, simply collect and compile images that inspire you. As your vision comes together on the board, let that aesthetic inspire your design choices to get a solid, consistent theme in your decor.

This mood board has some inspiration from some of the hottest new window treatment styles showcasing minimalist sensibility. Whether you choose to get inspired using the great ideas we've provided with this mood board, or you want to hunt for your own motivational treasure, this mood board can guide and inform your decisions and keep your vision consistent.

What is Minimalism in Design?

Minimalism is, at its heart, about the concept that less is more. This isn't to say that minimalism is exclusively about simplicity-- often minimalist designs can be quite complex. Minimalist design should not be overwhelming, however. It showcases a simple form, but it's really about function.

Minimalism is about being concise in design and ensuring that the majority of your design is functional. Unneeded fluff complicates a room's aesthetic and should be avoided in minimalist design. This is all about being subtle and seeking to draw attention to smooth lines and muted textures and patterns to make a space feel clean, efficient, and serene.

The Importance of Window Treatments for Minimalist Design

Window treatments are a vital piece of a minimalist aesthetic in design. While many people are focused on accessories, flooring, and furniture to create a minimalist theme, neglecting to incorporate window fixtures into the design will leave your vision incomplete. In fact, often window treatments should be your starting place for gorgeous and cohesive interior design.

Window treatments control the all-important access of natural light in your design. As minimalist aesthetics often feature neutrals or white tones, getting the right light into your room can mean the difference between a boring room and a peaceful sanctuary. Minimalist design isn't designed to direct the eye of viewers to various features around the room, so eye-level window treatments can be a powerful complement, even if they are simple and muted.

Window treatments have a massive variety of styles, and not only very basic types can be incorporated with minimalist designs. Very often window treatments with a simple form and muted tones are interwoven into minimalist themes, but this still leaves a huge variety of styles, colors, textures, and structures. Remember that at its heart, minimalism is about function. Choosing the right window treatment to complement your design is just as much about color and form as it is about convenience and functionality.

How Window Treatments Complement Minimalist Design

Window treatments support minimalist themes in many key ways. As they are often one of the first things a visitor's eye is drawn to, they can act as a powerful first impression and change the entire feel of a room.  The specifics of choosing great window treatments will vary based on your specific circumstances, but they are essential for establishing a minimalist theme in your design. Some advantages of factoring gorgeous window fixtures into your minimalist vision are:

  • Blank Canvas. Window treatments with simple forms can accomplish a wide range of goals to reinforce your theme throughout a room with many options for color, pattern, and shape. They can act as a unifying complement in a design or a great place to start from and cultivate an aesthetic around.
  • Calming. Controlling the natural light coming into a room is absolutely essential to control the ambiance in that room. Letting the right amount of light in with your window treatments can mean the difference between the neutral and muted colors of minimalist design feeling sterile and impersonal with too much glare, or feeling dreary and boring with not enough natural sunlight.
  • Timeless and versatile. Minimalist design typically uses solid colors or muted patterns on window dressings, whether they be curtains, blinds, drapes, or any other style. This creates a versatility that can continue to see use as your design sensibilities and themes change over the years. One of the key benefits of minimalist design is that its simple functionality is timeless, and this is true of window dressings as well.

Window Treatments that Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

Choosing the right window treatments to perfectly complement your minimalist design theme can be challenging, but with the right inspiration and focus, there are countless ways for your window coverings to enhance the beauty and comfort of your home. Window treatments are so diverse, you could achieve nearly any look by choosing the right type, or even have fabulous window treatments custom-made just for your space.

Get inspired. Focus on what's important in your design and theme, but keep it simple. Window treatments can turn your home into a calming oasis that you love to relax in. With all the different window treatment choices out there, it’s best to consult an expert to get advice and help find the perfect customized solutions to create your minimalist sanctuary.

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