Cat-Friendly Window Coverings for Deep Window Sills

There's nothing your cat loves more than lounging on a deep window sill, soaking up some sunlight. Unfortunately, your cat’s favorite activity might make you feel like your choice of window treatments is limited, because cats can get tangled in cords, which can be hazardous for them. You may have seen your cat get tangled up in curtains one too many times.

The good news is there is a variety of window treatments available that are pet friendly, and also fit well with deep window sills. From cordless options to motorized blinds and shades, you have a lot of options to choose from. Budget Blinds can create custom solutions that are a perfect fit for you, your home, and your pets.Cat Friendly Window Coverings

Are There Cat-Proof Blinds?

You have a few choices for window treatments if you have cats.

  • Motorized blinds are a great choice if you have cats. Since this type of window treatment doesn’t have cords, you do not have to worry about your cat getting tangled up. Not only are these blinds safe for cats, they are also a sleek, modern option for your home. With the push of a button, you can easily maneuver these blinds into position. These blinds are also completely customizable, so you are able to tailor them to meet the needs of your home, your pets, and your family.
  • Cellular shades are another option, because they come in a cordless option to help keep cats safe.
  • Shutters: are a great cordless option, such as composite and wood which are a cat-safe window-treatment option.

To keep cats safe, you should look for window treatments without cords or tassels that your cat will want to play with. Cords can cause injury to your cat, or damage to your home if the cat pulls down the window treatment.

What Is the Best Window Covering When You Have Cats?

Another great option for deep window sills if you have cats is cellular shades. This type of window treatment stacks tightly at the top of the window, so you can easily see outdoors, making it a great option for pets that want to see outside, too! If visibility is a priority, you can't go wrong with cellular shades.

You can choose from a variety of cell sizes, depending on how much natural light you want to let into the room. If you have an oddly shaped window with an angled top, or an arched window, you might also want to consider cellular shades, since they can be customized to fit any type of window.

Can You Have Curtains if You Have a Cat?

If you have a cat, there are a lot of window treatments you can consider. Curtains are probably not at the top of your list, but that doesn't mean you need to rule them out completely. Some cats don't bother them at all, and they might even enjoy tucking themselves behind the curtains. If you do opt for curtains as your window treatment, make sure you get a sturdy rod so the cat cannot pull down the curtains by climbing on them.

What Window Treatments Can I Use Instead of Blinds?

Cellular and roller shades are your best bet if you have pets and want an option other than blinds. You could also consider Plantation shutters, because they won't move, and sit squarely inside the window. Any cordless window treatment is going to be a solid choice if you have pets. Your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant can work with you to look at all your window treatment options.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Destroying My Window Blinds?

For starters, you could try keeping the blinds raised up above where the cat can reach. If they can't reach them, they can't destroy them. If cords are the problem, you can opt for a new window treatment that does not have a cord, or consider using a cord cleat to get the cords up and out of reach of your cat. If your cats are just clawing your blinds because they need to scratch, try buying a cat-scratching post to help distract your cat from your blinds or curtains.

The easiest way to prevent your cat from destroying your window treatments is to install treatments that the cat can't or won't disturb. This involves using window treatments that are out of reach of the cat, cordless window treatments that won’t tempt your cat.Pet Friendly Blinds

What Are the Most Pet-Friendly Blinds?

There are a variety of ways you can make your home pet friendly. From making sure your pets don't slip and slide on the floor to making sure you install pet-friendly blinds, you will want to take precautions to keep your pets safe and your home in good shape.

With pet-friendly blinds, you are looking for something that doesn't have a long cord. Long cords could cause harm to your pets if they get tangled up in them. Look for blinds that can be easily raised out of the reach of your cat, so they are up and out of the way.

Looking for the best pet-friendly options for window treatments? Contact your local Budget Blinds today to set up a free consultation with our design experts. We’ll show you all the available options that can make your home decor look great and won't cause any harm to your pets.

Best of all, your consultation is free — and you’ll learn all about your window-treatment options. If your cat has ruined your window treatments and you’re looking for new options, contact your local Budget Blinds design professionals today.

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