For Pet's Sake

Often, one of our biggest reasons for needing new window treatments are the wonderful furry creatures we all love and adore: our pets! Many folks ask for recommendations for cat and dog friendly window coverings. While no window treatment is 100% safe from pet damage, there are some products that work better to keep pets safe and their owners happy.

Roller shades are easy to maintain and made of sturdy fabrics that hang flat in the window and draw little interest from curious dogs or cats. Due to the simple, streamlined nature of these shades, they do not attract pet hair like some products, and cleaning is a breeze with just an occasional vacuuming or a wipe with a damp cloth. Cordless lift is a nice pet safe solution, or you can motorize them to open and close at certain times of day to help hide outside distractions that can cause your pet to mis-behave when you are away.

Plantation Shutters are another great pet friendly window treatment. Shutter panels sit solid within your window frame, so they are free from cords and movement like other slatted blind products. The wider slats on shutters are easy to dust and can be custom made to open at the top separate from the bottom. This allows you to control your view vs. your pets view as desired. Shutters enhance any decor and are a great lifetime product that adds value to your home.

Looking for a vertical treatment to cover a sliding glass door? Panel track window coverings are large panels made of sturdy shade fabrics that slide behind one another to open the view. Unlike vertical blinds that swing loosely, the large simple design of the panels tends to dis-interest pets and therefore encourages them to leave the window and the window covering alone.

As with any custom window treatment, it’s best to consult a professional for assistance in selecting the best product and installation for you and your favorite pet!

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