5 Tips to Create a Safe Pet-Friendly Space in Your Home

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), 67% of households own a pet and 73% of pet owners own at least one dog. Homeowners love their pets and consider them part of the family, yet creating a space for their furry four-legged family members has often been an after-thought in home design. This is changing as homes are being designed with dual-purpose laundry rooms with built-in washing stations and designated pet-friendly spaces. The following are five tips to help you create the perfect safe pet-friendly space in your home.

To create a Safe Pet-Friendly Space in Your Home:

1)      Choose the right flooring

2)      Select indoor/outdoor or synthetic rugs

3)      Install pet-safe window treatments

4)      Create a cozy comfortable place for sleeping

5)      Keep space clean and organized

Dog with Roman Shades in Bedroom

Choose easy care pet-friendly flooring

The right flooring can make all the difference in care and maintenance of the space. Obviously, carpet is not a good choice for muddy paws and the dirt that gets tracked in. Consider using the same luxury vinyl plank flooring popular in many homes today for your pet space. Not only is it stylish and looks like wood but, it is water-resistant, scratch-resistant and comfortable when standing for both you and your pet. This family friendly flooring looks great, lasts long and is easy to care for. Making it the perfect choice for both you, and your furry family members.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Select easy to clean low pile rugs for pet areas

To add color and pattern to the space add a rug. This also adds a layer of softness and sound absorption to the space. Be sure and select a rug that can handle the wear and tear of an active pet and one that is easy to keep clean. Consider low pile synthetics like acrylic, polyester, olefin and polypropylene for a low-maintenance, pet-friendly rug. Indoor/Outdoor rugs are also a good choice because they can be hosed off. Second to the material the rug is constructed out of, the pattern and color selections are also important. Choose a busy pattern to help hide dirt and dog hair instead of one with large solid patterns. Another great tip is to choose a rug in the same color as your dog’s hair to help the rug “hide” dog hair in between vacuuming. Just beware that while a darker colored rug might disguise dirt and dark dog hair, darker colors are also known to show drool stains. Keep all of this in mind based on your dog’s breed and habits when selecting a rug for the space. Another tip is to avoid rugs with fringe. No need to encourage them to play or chew on the rug!

Easy-Clean Rugs for Pets

Choose cordless pet-safe window treatments

Window treatments play an important role in not only keeping your pet safe, but also in helping them feel safe in the space. If your windows are near the floor, your blinds or window treatments will be in your pet’s view, as well as what is going on outside through the blind slats. If your dog is stressed by people or other dogs walking by you can keep the blinds closed. If your dog likes to look out or look for you when you are gone consider shades that can be raised just enough so they can see out. The type of shade or blind control is very important too. Cords are dangerous for your pets, as well as young children. Plus, the cord tassels are tempting “chew toys” for dogs and play toys for cats. No need to encourage them to “play” with your blinds! The best option is to consider going cordless or motorizing your window treatments for a no cord option to keep your space pet and child-friendly! Another great option for your windows is shutters. The wider louvers allow your pets to see out. Plus, with the option of divider rails and custom configurations you can have your privacy and let Rover see out too. Depending on your dog’s height Budget Blinds can configure the shutters to open at the bottom where your pet wants to see out and keep the top 2/3’s closed for your privacy. The Budget Blinds PureVu composite shutter is also durable and easy to clean making it very child and pet-friendly! On top of these benefits, window treatments will help keep the room’s temperature comfortable for your pet and help reduce your electric bill! Your local Budget Blinds consultant can show you a wide range of cordless or motorized options for your windows that are stylish, energy-efficient and safe for your entire family.

Dogs with Cordless Shades

Provide a comfortable yet supportive pet bed for healthy sleep

Dogs require a lot of sleep. In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, the average dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours per 24-hour cycle.  So, a comfortable supportive bed is very important. Just like you need your favorite chair or spot on the sofa, your four-legged family member needs a place to call their own. Otherwise your favorite chair or side of the sofa becomes their favorite spot! In addition, a soft but supportive dog bed helps your dog’s joints, and helps them sleep better improving their overall health. Besides, when they sleep well you do too! Just be sure and choose a dog bed with a washable cover. In fact, having two so you can rotate them as one is being washed will keep everyone happy, cleaner and make your life easier.

Cozy Bed for Dog

Keep food properly stored and pet area organized

Keeping you pet’s area organized will keep it clear of hazards for both you and your pet. Hang leashes on hooks out of the way to avoid tripping or your pet getting entangled in them. Place a mat under food and water bowls to help keep bowls from shifting around and spilling. Proper storage is also important for your dog’s food to remain fresh and healthy. The three elements that affect the nutritional value of your dog’s food are air, moisture, and high temperatures. Veterinarians recommend storing dry dog food in the original bag and sealed with a bag clip once opened. For extra protection place in an air tight container.

Organized Pet Area

Now your furry family member has a place of their very own! By creating this space, you not only designed a place to keep your pet safe and healthy, but your home will be easier to keep clean and organized! In addition, by installing cordless child and pet-safe window treatments throughout your house the whole family, including Rover, can enjoy a safe happy home! Contact us for a free consultation today so we can help create a beautiful and safe space for your family and pets.

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