Why Avoid Cool Colors for Window Treatments in Blaine This Winter

As the winter months get closer, you’ll start looking for new window coverings. You want window treatments in Blaine that will help to manage some of the glare, especially off the snow, and the heat loss. While you likely have specific materials in mind, you’ll also need to think about the colors. This is especially if you’re working with fabric options where you have a lot of color choices.

You may want to bring a sense of the season into the home. This can lead to cool colors like blues and some lighter greens. Or you may even choose neutral white to work with the rest of the décor. It’s worth looking at warmer colors for this time of year.

You’ll Feel Colder Just Looking at the Window Coverings

It’s important to feel warm in your home. This is more than just having your heating on and literally feeling that warmth. You want to make sure you create a sense of comfort in the space, and color will play a part in that.

When we look at colors, we will get certain feelings from them. This is all subconscious based on thoughts growing up and connections we make with colors. When we think of winter, we tend to think of white snow or icy blue crystals. These colors can make us cold just thinking about them, so think of what it does to you if you see the colors regularly.

By having the colder colors in your home, you’ll feel colder even if the space is naturally warm. When you have warmer colors, you’ll feel warmer and you won’t need the heating on as much.

Warmer Colors Are Great for Year-Round Window Treatments in Blaine

Warm colors are great when you want your window coverings to hang throughout the year. The only exception is white, which is a great neutral color for year-round needs. Instead of white, though, you could always work with cream. The off-white color is just that little bit warmer.

Warm colors like browns, deep greens, oranges, and even yellows will make you think of the warmth of various seasons. You’ll think of the forests and the sun, items that you see well throughout the summer months. With that warmer feeling, you’ll need to use the heating less and you don’t need to keep changing the window coverings.

Cool Colors Aren’t That Inviting for Your Guests

You want to make your guests feel welcome. Your window treatments in Blaine will help with that. When you get the warmer colors, you immediately make your space more inviting. It’s warmer, making them think that they’re welcome in your home.

Making them feel cold through colors will make them want to leave sooner. It’s amazing the way colors really do play on our psyche.

Now is the time to think about your winter window coverings. Don’t settle on cooler colors for the season. You want window treatments in Blaine that will make you feel warmer just at a glance.

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