4 Quick Window Treatments in Lynden to Block Rising Heat in the Summer

You know you want shutters or blinds for the home. The problem is you don’t have the budget for them just yet. While you’re saving for them, you need window treatments in Lynden to block the rising heat in the summer months.

There are a few options at your disposal. Some are far more temporary than others depending on how close you are to your goal. Here are the four quick tips to manage the heat through window treatments.

Add Cardboard to Your Windows

Cut up the cardboard boxes from your deliveries and create a make-do window covering to block the heat. Cardboard is perfect for blocking the UV rays coming through the windows. You’ll immediately reduce the heat because you don’t have the greenhouse effect working against you.

The downside of this one of the window treatments in Lynden is that you’ll block all the light coming through too. This is great if you’re not in a room or you don’t mind a blackout effect, but it doesn’t work if it’s in a room you spend a lot of time in. If it’s only going to be a week while you wait for your custom shutters, it’s going to be workable, though.

Opt for Aluminum Window Treatments in Lynden

Instead of cardboard, use some aluminum foil in the window. The foil will reflect the light and the glare, preventing it from getting through the windows. You’ll get rid of that greenhouse effect immediately, just like with cardboard.

There is also a benefit in the winter. The foil will block the heat from escaping when you have it on, keeping the room warmer.

You’ll want to check with your HOA on this one. Some HOAs put a ban on aluminum coverings in the windows.

Opt for Cellular Shades for Temporary Relief

While you’re waiting to save for shutters, you may want something that looks good hanging in your windows. This is going to be the case if you need to wait a few months or even a year to save. You’ll want to add cellular shades as your window treatments in Lynden.

Cellular shades will block the UV rays without losing all the light. You’ll also be able to manage privacy with ease as the shades pull up and down. In the winter, the shades will block the heat loss and circulate the air back into the home. You’ve got the perfect insulation for your windows.

Get Solar Shades for Privacy and Light Filtering

You don’t always want to block the view out of the home. Also, you don’t necessarily want to block a lot of light. You want window treatments in Lynden that are designed to filter the light. In this case, you’ll want to turn to solar shades.

Solar shades are made with a thinner material that blocks UV rays and filters natural light into the home. You’ll block the view into the home during the day while still being able to see what’s going on outside.

As you wait for the more permanent window treatments in Lynden, you’ll want to cover your windows. The top four options are great temporary options for managing the heat this summer.

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