Wood or Fabric Valance in Hoquiam: Which Is Best for You?

A valance in Hoquiam is a beautiful addition to your windows. It can be used alone for decorative purposes on smaller windows or you can double up with practical window coverings.

You know you want a valance, but you don’t know what type right now. Do you get wooden or faux wood, or do you opt for fabric valances?

To be honest, a wooden valance is actually a cornice. However, both types of window treatments are decorative and offer some similar benefits. Here’s how to choose between the two materials.

Do You Want Something Permanent?

If you’re renting, you can’t have something permanent in the home. Your landlord will likely not want to keep the items, and you may end up having to pay for the valance in Hoquiam to be removed and damage repaired. Renters will be better opting for fabric valances, which aren’t designed to be permanent.

When you own your home, you have more of a choice. Having permanent window coverings can be excellent for long-term benefits, even if it just means being able to set and forget. There’s no need to worry about taking them down to clean as they’ll just need dusting. They can also work with light fixtures to make them more practical.

Consider the permanence. Faux wood or real wood is more permanent than fabric.

How Decorative Do You Want Your Valance in Hoquiam to Be?

Faux wood and real wood do look good, but they tend to be on the more neutral side of things. This is especially the case with window coverings like blinds and shutters but can also be the place with valances and cornices. Fabric tends to be more decorative.

If your valance is going to be an addition to help hide the blinds and shades when they’re open, neutral could work to your advantage. But what if your valance is the only item around the window because it’s so small? What if this is how you want to add decoration to the windows?

Fabric valances come in different colors and patterns. They can work well with neutral shades and blinds, but they can also work on their own just to add some color to small windows.

What Type of Budget Do You Have Available?

Finally, it’s going to be about your budget. Like with blinds, faux and real wood cost more than fabric. It doesn’t matter what you’re getting or even about the size of your valance in Hoquiam. The more durable material is going to cost more to buy. You get what you pay for!

That doesn’t mean fabric is tacky or a waste of money. It’s just going to be the better option for those who are budget conscious or when you want something temporary while you save up for something more permanent.

It’s time to look through all your options and keep your living situation in mind. Faux wood and real wood cornices look great, but there is a benefit of getting a fabric valance in Hoquiam.

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