When Your Drapes in Pacific Beach Shouldn’t Touch the Floor

In most cases, you want your drapes in Pacific Beach to touch the floor. This is the modern style for drapes and curtains, and it offers more insulation and light blocking benefits. However, there are times that this just doesn’t work.

Not sure if full-length drapes will work for your windows? Here are the times you’ll want to consider something a little shorter.

When You Have Pets

If you have pets, you may not want the drapes in Pacific Beach to reach all the way to the floor. This just means that they will collect a lot more pet fur or dander. You’ll need to do more cleaning and maintenance on the drapes, which takes away from the enjoyment of the home.

Opting for drapes that are just a little shorter can help. You don’t even need to make them as short as just to your windowsill. Look at getting them to the midway point between the floor and the windowsill. This keeps them away from pet fur that collects on the floor, but still keeps them long for insulation benefits.

When You Have Children

Another time to consider shorter drapes is when you have young children. Older children will not to stay out of the way of the drapes. They won’t want to be responsible for opening and closing them—what sort of teenager wants to add more chores to their list?

The problem with long drapes in Pacific Beach and young children is that they become playthings. Small children are curious, and when they see something on the floor, they’re more likely to grab and pull. This could lead to the drapes being pulled off the wall, causing a hazard to young children.

When Furniture Gets in the Way

What’s the layout of your home like? A lot of people will put their couches by the window, which can cause problems for those with drapes and curtains. You need to keep the furniture just slightly off the wall to be able to open and close the drapes.

When this is the case, you want to keep the drapes in Pacific Beach a little shorter. There isn’t a risk of the furniture damaging the bottom of the drapes, and you make it easy to open and close the drapes while the furniture is there.

When You Block the Heating and Cooling Vents

Take a look at the placement of vents for your HVAC system. Baseboard heaters are popular, and the vents in the upstairs rooms are likely to be on the floor rather than the ceiling. This is going to affect the length of your drapes.

If you have floor-length drapes, you run the risk of covering the vents. This stops the heat from getting into the home in the middle of winter, not helping with the cold problem. In the summer, you block the cooler air getting in.

When you can, you want to choose floor-length drapes in Pacific Beach. They look better, and they will offer some great benefits. They just don’t work for everyone, and sometimes, mid-length drapes are better.

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