Why Window Valances in Ocean Shores Work Great in the Bathroom

You’ll hear a lot about not choosing fabric window coverings for the bathroom. At the same time, you want to add color to this room. You can do that with window valances in Ocean Shores instead.

Window valances are fabric coverings for the top of the window. They work great in bathrooms, and can even work on their own with no other window treatments. Here’s why they work well, even in the bathroom.

You Can Take Them Down to Wash Them

Window valances in Ocean Shores are made of fabric, which means they do collect moisture in the air. In the bathroom, this can be a problem. However, depending on the type of valances you get, you will usually be able to take them down and wash them. You’ll need to check whether they can be machine washed, or whether you need to handwash to preserve the look of them.

You don’t always need to take the valances down and wash them. Sometimes, you just need to get them out of the room. If they’re struggling to dry from the humidity in the bathroom, get the valances into a cooler spot and give them time to completely dry. Then you can hang them up. You reduce the mold and mildew risks.

They Work on Their Own

Your bathroom windows are likely small. You don’t want to add too much around them to make sure plenty of natural light gets into the space. You still want to add color and some sort of covering for the window. You can opt for window valances in Ocean Shores on their own.

Some valances are longer, so they will cover the top part of the window easily and offer some lighting benefits. Others are shorter, so they don’t cover too much of the window. It’s important to look at your different styles to make sure you get the benefits that you need.

The main concern will be privacy. Your bathroom windows are likely treated glass to make sure they offer the privacy you need without any other window coverings. If they’re not, invest in patterned glass to reduce the need to worry about your window coverings doing that job.

They Add That Splash of Color You’ve Been Looking For

The bathroom can look bland, especially if you have the traditional white bathroom suite. You want to find a way to add some color to the space, but not so much that it makes the room look smaller. Window valances in Ocean Shores will help with that.

Valances cover just the top of the window, and you can get them in any color or pattern that you wish. This is a great way to just add that splash of color, creating somewhere you like to be when you’re relaxing in the bath without cramping the room.

Are you ready to spruce up the bathroom a little? Make sure you look at your window coverings. Instead of full window shades, why not just get window valances in Ocean Shores?

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