Which Window Treatments in Hoquiam Are Best for Living Rooms?

It’s time to get your living room set up in a way that is comfortable and welcoming. That means choosing window treatments in Hoquiam. You want to feel safe, but you also want to add your personality and style to the living space through these items.

Picking the right window treatments can be tricky. You end up with a bunch of different options staring at you, and you have no idea which one is right. Here are the top tips to help you choose.

Drapes Are Affordable, Colorful, and Temporary

If you aren’t planning on being somewhere for too long, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on window treatments in Hoquiam. Renting can lead to you moving from place to place every few years, so you need temporary window coverings. Or maybe you just want to get something up while you save for something more permanent, so you need low-cost temporary solutions.

The drapes are perfect. They come in a variety of styles, but you’ll want light filtering or room darkening options instead of blackout drapes. The living room is a place to filter the light and not block it all out.

It’s worth thinking about thermal drapes in the winter. They’re good for blocking heat loss on a night, and at that time, it doesn’t matter if you do block all the natural light. There’s none shining through anyway!

Opt for Cellular Window Treatments in Hoquiam

Drapes are good temporary options, but they’re not the best for managing the heat in the home. You still want to keep the costs down and have a choice of color, but you want something better for managing your heating and cooling bills. Cellular shades are the way to go.

They have two layers of material that pleat opposite ways. This allows them to create cells, or honeycombs, that will trap the air and circulate it back the way it came. The heating goes back into the home during the winter, and the AC air goes back into the home during the summer.

They are light filtering or room darkening options. It’s rare you’ll get blackout options unless you go for thermal cell shades. You’ll want to get top-down and bottom-up cell shades. This allows you to let all the light in but still keep the privacy in the bottom half of the window.

Choose Venetian Blinds or Shutters

It’s time to go for more permanent window treatments in Hoquiam. Venetian blinds are great if you’re not too sure yet. They are a little more affordable than shutters. However, plantation or California shutters are, by far, the best options for your home.

Faux wood is the best material for this. It simply lasts longer and is easier to maintain. However, with real wood, you still gain the same benefits in the home.

You’ll get something that blocks the light when you need it but also just manages the glare at other times. You have privacy without blocking the view to the outside world. While neutral, they work with all sorts of décor needs to bring your personality into the room.

Now is the time to upgrade your window treatments in Hoquiam. Make sure they work for your specific needs in the living room.

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