Top-Down Window Treatments in Ocean Shores Don’t Need to Let In All the Glare

When you initially think about top-down window treatments in Ocean Shores, you’ll think about the way you get more light but the same privacy. You keep the bottom part of your window covered, only allowing the light in from the top.

Of course, then you start thinking about the downsides. The sun usually shines at the top of the window unless it comes to the rising and setting times. This means you’re getting a lot of glare when you pull the shades or blinds down. That doesn’t have to be the case, though.

Top-Down Window Treatments Are Great for North-Facing Windows

You don’t even necessarily get the direct sun shining through your windows. You don’t need to worry about using top-down window treatments in Ocean Shores. In fact, you’ll want the top-down options to let in as much light as you can.

North-facing windows don’t get the direct sun. The sun moves to the south of the house, and it’s those windows that become an issue. With north-facing windows, you just get the natural light, and you’ll want to let it all in. You can keep the privacy by having the bottom of the window covered but let in all the natural light via the top of the windows.

The same can apply to west- and east-facing windows. You’re not going to have the direct sun all the time, so use the top-down features during the hours without direct sun.

Take Advantage of Days with Cloud Cover

Even if you have south-facing windows, you’re not always going to have the glare. There are going to be days when there is a lot of cloud cover. This can lead to darker days inside the house, but you can make the most of your top-down window treatments in Ocean Shores.

Pull the shades down on these cloudy days. You let in as much light as you can, and the clouds are already dealing with the glare.

When the clouds do disappear and the sun shines through, you can always pull the shades back up. Cover the top of the window again and block out the direct sun.

Look Into Automatic Window Coverings for Full Advantages

You can get automatic window treatments in Ocean Shores. Consider them to make the most of your top-down treatments. These can be motorized by a remote or through an app, allowing you to set up timers if you want. You can also get some that are designed to react based on the way the sun’s rays hit the material.

You can get some styles that will twist and close as the UV rays hit the material. You don’t need to do anything. The shades will cover up the windows, blocking the glare and the rising heat. When there isn’t the direct sun, you can have the blinds set so that they allow the natural light back in.

Top-down window treatments in Ocean Shores are great for privacy benefits. While you do open the blinds from the top, it doesn’t mean all the sun’s UV rays are glaring through the window.

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