Can You Use a Cornice in Ocean Shores with Motorized Blinds?

There are some great decorative benefits of having a cornice in Ocean Shores over each of your windows. One of the best is that you get to cover up the hardware of your other window coverings. This works for the majority of window coverings, but what about motorized blinds?

Motorized blinds work in different ways. Some of them have an infrared sensor, and this is going to be affected if you cover up the top of the window covering. Can you still use cornices if you have motorized blinds?

It’s Going to Depend on the Style of Motorized Blinds

Before you get the blinds and the cornices, you’ll want to look at the styles of motorized blinds available. Remote controlled blinds are popular, but they may not work well with a cornice in Ocean Shores. Most of these blinds are controlled by a remote that works like your TV. The sensor on the remote needs to connect to the sensor on the blinds.

This sensor is usually at the top. It’s an infrared sensor, so anything that gets in the way of it is going to prevent the window coverings from working. A cornice is going to hang over the top of the blinds, making it difficult to work them.

However, there are other types of window treatments. You can get smart blinds, which work with your smartphone instead. They are connected via Wi-Fi, so there is no need to worry about covering up a sensor.

Look at How You Can Place Your Cornice

There could be a way to make your cornice in Ocean Shores work even when you have remote controlled blinds. You can look at a way to hang the cornice so that it doesn’t block the sensor. This is something to consider as you buy the items.

Look at a cornice that has a small lip where the sensor is. You can make this part of the style of the cornice, so that there are curves at the bottom of it or there is a symmetrical element to it on the other side. This keeps the sensor clear so that you can still use your motorized blinds.

Consider a Slightly Shorter Cornice

Depending on the way your window is set up, you could look at getting a shorter cornice in Ocean Shores. This will also depend on the main reason for getting a cornice in the first place. While a decorative benefit is to hide the hardware, it could also be that you just want to add a bit of texture to your windows.

So, you could opt for a cornice that sits at the top of the window to look pretty. There’s no need to cover the top of your motorized blinds if you have an infrared sensor.

Of course, if you want to hide the top of the window coverings, you’ll need to look at other types of motorized blinds. There are options that will still allow for a cornice in Ocean Shores over the top.

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