How Thick Should Your Louvers Be on Your Shutters in Napavine?

You’re looking to replace your current window treatments, and shutters in Napavine have come up in your search. You love the look of plantation or colonial shutters, but there are still some decisions you’ll need to make. The biggest decision is the size or thickness of the louvers.

If you opt for ready-made shutters, you’ll get the standard size of shutters. However, when you get the more superior custom-made shutters, you’ll find the louvers can change depending on your needs. Here’s how to help you pick your thickness.

Large Louvers Let in More Light When Open

With larger louvers on your shutters in Napavine, you’ll end up with larger gaps when they’re open. This allows for space for the louvers to cover when they’re shut. This will mean more light shines through the gaps when the louvers are open.

While you still get the same amount of open space as smaller louvers, space is wider because of the louvers. This lets in more light and more UV rays, which could cause some damage to your furniture around the home. It can also mean higher temperatures in the summer.

However, if you like the idea of more light, larger louvers are something to consider.

Smaller Louvers Can Offer More Heating Benefits

Smaller louvers in shutters in Napavine will mean smaller gaps. This can mean less space for the heating to get out of your window. You can end up with more heating benefits, even when the louvers are opened. You’ll also have smaller spaces for the UV rays getting in, so you can use the air con less.

Of course, you can end up sacrificing the light coming into the room. This is something you need to consider, as it will depend on the exact benefits you want to gain.

Large Louvers Can Make Your Shutters in Napavine Look Too Small

You’ll want to consider the size of the shutters themselves. If you have relatively short shutters, large louvers can look odd. You don’t have as many louvers in the space, which can mean the shutters look much smaller than they really. You can make the space around the windows look smaller and cramped.

Smaller louvers take up less space individually. You fit in more louvers within the shutter, making even the smallest of shutters look large.

You’ll Want to Look at the Costs of the Different Sizes

If cost is an issue, you’ll want to look at what the different sizes of louvers for your shutters in Napavine will do. There shouldn’t be too much of a cost difference since the same amount of material is eventually used. However, the smaller louvers are going to be more popular than the larger ones, which can lead to a lower cost since they’re easier to source.

While thinking of the upfront costs, you’ll also need to consider the long-term cost benefits.

You get to choose the size of the louvers for your shutters in Napavine. Will you opt for small or large?

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