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Isn’t it time you framed your windows and your lifestyle beautifully with custom window treatments from Budget Blinds of Tallahassee? One call does it all, and we do it all for you. Click or call today and see what homeowners in Tallahassee are buzzing about!

Meet your Budget Blinds Team of Tallahassee!

  • Gary Fogleman - Owner - Tall

    Gary Fogleman


    Gary Fogleman has been the proud Owner and CEO of Budget Blinds of Tallahassee with his wife Rebecca since the Autumn of 2005. His passion for continued success and his love for meeting new people continue to drive him to make his business better each and every day. Fogleman has worked in the arena of sales and service his entire life, most notably the 10 plus years he spent at Burdines. Although Gary is originally from West Palm Beach, he has been a resident of Tallahassee since 1990 and cannot imagine calling any other place home! In addition to owning a successful business, he loves men and women’s college sports and traveling. Being a part of the Budget Blinds family has provided him with the opportunity to travel to China, Ireland, Hawaii, and several other places. Gary is he father of two daughters, Emily and Elysia and has two dogs, Doak and Kahlua. He also served in the Army for three years in Hawaii before attending Florida State University and graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Sales Management in 1992. Gary Fogleman’s education combined with his life experience equip him with the perfect skill set to continually lead his Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team to success!

  • Rebecca Fogleman- Owner-CFO

    Rebecca Fogleman


    If her husband Gary is the driver of the metaphorical car of Budget Blinds, then Rebecca Fogleman is the mechanic that ensures the car that is Budget Blinds of Tallahassee continues to run. As Owner and CFO, Rebecca holds the purse strings to the entire franchise, and as we all know, it’s the money managers that run a company! Her thriftiness and diligence have been essential in the success of the franchise. Like Gary, she is a natural born leader and brings an unparalleled positive to the atmosphere of the office. The rational nature of Rebecca Fogleman’s personality paired with her husband’s proclivity for sales and service make the two an unstoppable team that will forever propel Budget Blinds of Tallahassee into further success!

  • Heather Marcionette- Office Administrator

    Heather Marcionette

    Office Administrator

    Heather Marcionette has been a vital member of the Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team since 2006. Her tenacious personality and excellent organizational skills made her the perfect fit as Office Administrator of the franchise. Heather fosters a positive and achievement driven dynamic in the office that makes for a rewarding work experience every day. Keeping things organized and running smoothly is essential for achieving success, and Heather’s ability to do just that makes her an invaluable asset to the Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team!

  • Angie Wakeman- Sales Associate

    Angie Wakeman

    Sales Associate

    A member of the Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team since March 2015, Angie Wakeman’s detail oriented nature easily made her a successful Sales Associate. Born and raised in Tallahassee, she is a lifelong member of the community in which she serves and has a passion for beautifying the homes of her clients. Her previous ten-year experience as the owner of a furniture design shop alongside her mother has more than prepared her for the Window Covering business. She is the mother of one son, Parker, who plays high school baseball, as well as with a traveling team. Parker is Angie’s true passion, and Budget Blinds supports her in that by allowing her a flexible schedule so she is able to attend many of her son’s baseball games. Equipped with a Bachelor’s and two Associates Degrees, Angie Wakeman is an essential member to the success of the Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team!

  • Brigit Yown- Sales Associate

    Brigit Yown

    Sales Associate

    Brigit Yown joined the Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team in July 2016, and from the very beginning she has been a positive addition to the staff! Brigit loves aiding people in addressing the needs for their home, and genuinely loves seeing the happiness clients express when the hard work of the Tallahassee Team pays off. As a lifelong Tallahassee native, Brigit has a vested interest in the area in which she and her clients live and works every day to improve it for the life of her son, Wyatt. An active member in the community, Brigit likes air boating, farming, and watching Wyatt participate in high school wrestling and mixed martial arts. The ten years of experience in the construction field Brigit Yown brings to the Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team gives her a unique and beneficial perspective that aids in her success as a Sales Associate!

  • Ruben Mercado- Install Administrator

    Ruben Mercado

    Install Administrator

    Ruben Mercado’s technical expertise as Install Administrator has been indescribably essential to the Budget Blinds of Tallahassee Team. Ruben joined the staff in 2015, and since that time has only grown in his administrative role. His predisposition to organization, as well as is attention to detail have aided him and the other installers abundantly. Ruben Mercado has become the natural leader of the install team of Budget Blinds of Tallahassee and the franchise would be in serious detriment without him!

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