How to Fix Your Uneven Roller Shades in Tacoma

After a while, you can find your Tacoma roller shades don’t quite roll evenly. You have one side that sits lower than the other, creating a lopsided and embarrassing look. This doesn’t mean you need to buy a new set of roller shades for your home. It is possible to fix the issue with these top tips.

It’s Likely a Levelling Problem

Before you start fixing, you need to know why you have this issue. The problem is the levelling of your shades. This issue is also known as telescoping.

You will need to remove the shade from the window to fix the issue. However you’ll want to figure out exactly why there’s this levelling problem. Check the position of the brackets to ensure they’re even. If they are, you’ll want to check the fabrics; some are worse than others for telescoping in the future! The latter is a more extensive problem but still possible to fix yourself.

Change the Positioning of the Brackets

First of all, look at the location of the mounting brackets. Are they level? Don’t work with your eyes, as you can find just an inch or two off will make your uneven roller shades in Tacoma look worse. Get a tape measure and make sure you have the two brackets at exactly the same height.

If it’s not the bracket levels, check their alignment. Just the slightest alignment off could cause a levelling problem. When the brackets are misaligned, you’ll need to remove them and reapply them. In some cases, the brackets will need replacing, but this is much cheaper than a new set of roller shades!

Check the Material of the Shade

When it’s not the brackets, you’ll need to get the shades. Sometimes the material can slip at the top on one side. It makes the roller shade look uneven. There is an extremely simple fix.

Roll out your shade entirely, until you get where the fabric is fixed to the roller. On the side that is drooping, add some tape to secure it in place. You won’t be able to see the tape when you use the Tacoma roller shades on a daily basis.

Sometimes you will need to add extra tape. You may find that this is only a temporary fix and you’ll need to unroll and tape again sometime in the future. Sewing the fabric in place can also be beneficial for a more permanent fix.

Fixing Your Uneven Roller Shades Is Easy

The great thing about uneven roller shades in Tacoma is that they’re easy to fix. It doesn’t matter how old they are, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new set because of levelling. You just need to remove the shades and check the main reason for the uneven look.

This can be faffy and time consuming, but it’s worth it when you get to save money. Ask a friend or relative to help if you can’t get the shades down from your windows.

When you put the shades back up, the uneven roll will be a think of the past. Nobody will know that you ever had an issue. Those that do remember, will want to know your secrets to help their uneven Tacoma roller shades.