Do You Really Need to Repaint Your Shutters in Spanaway?

You may hear that repainting Spanaway shutters is part of regular maintenance. Some people will tell you to do it every couple of years, around the same time you repaint the vinyl protection around your home or your gutters. Well, it’s not necessarily something you need to do. In fact, repainting your shutters could do more damage than good.

Before you repaint any shutters in the home, you’ll want to make these considerations. You may be pleasantly surprised that your shutters are much easier to maintain than anything else in your home.

Consider the Material of the Shutters

Wooden shutters can start to fade and wear. They’re actually one of the least popular materials now because of the upkeep, especially when it comes to exterior shutters. If your shutters are looking worn and chipped, every couple of years they’ll need sanding down, revarnishing and repainting.

However, other materials don’t often need repainting. The shutters in Spanaway made from vinyl and faux wood are designed for the long term. Repainting will usually involve scraping the original paintwork, which can damage the shutters. You’re best off just leaving them and cleaning them regularly. That’s what these materials are designed for anyway.

Consider the Work to Repaint

Look at how the shutters are placed in your windows. Most are screwed on and you will need to align them perfectly when replacing them. Getting the alignment wrong won’t just leave unsightly holes. The shutters will end up off the mark around your windows and not off all the old benefits.

Repainting ends up being far more work and hassle than necessary. This is especially the case when it comes to the materials that just don’t need to be repainted. Even wood can often look good with a clean rather than being repainted.

Consider the Costs Involved

You’re not just buying paint for your Spanaway shutters. There are other costs involved, including varnish, sanding materials, and a spray gun. The costs of repainting soon add up. If you then damage your shutters, you’ll need to spend more money on replacing your items.

The extra costs can make repainting difficult. Then you won’t want to risk damaging the items. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to hire someone to do the repainting for you.

Consider Replacing Your Shutters Instead

If you find your shutters look worn and dull even after cleaning, it’s a sign your shutters in Spanaway could need replacing. This is common with worn wood material. Look for shutters that are designed never to need repainting. These materials, such as faux wood, will never chip or crack. Even if you have them as exterior shutters, they’re designed to last for decades without extra work.

Getting new shutters can work out more cost effective and better for your stress levels. There’s no need to hire spray guns to get an even paint finish and no need to hassle with aligning the shutters properly. Your new shutters will just need cleaning regularly to protect them.

Not all shutters in Spanaway need repainting. Many are designed to last for decades without the colors being touched up. The only time you may want to repaint is if you’re redecorating and then you’ll want to consider whether repainting or new shutters is more worthwhile. Consider the above factors and make a decision for your own home.