3 Tips to Customize Your Plantation Shutters in Tacoma

After deciding that you want Tacoma plantation shutters around your home, you’ll want to look at ways of customizing them. These are permanent fixtures, so they need to show off your personality and the style of the home. Even though you likely won’t take them to your next home, you want to create beauty and enjoy them while you have them.

Customizing plantation shutters couldn’t be easier! Here’s a look at three top tips to customize them to work with your personality and needs.

Choose the Right Paint and Colors

Start with colors. This is the easiest way to customize your plantation shutters inTacoma. You can use whatever colors you want to show off your favorites.

Some people will work with the color of their patio woodwork or the panels on their home. Others will work with the color of their roofing or their balcony work. Then there are others who will opt for a color that stands out and draws attention to their beautiful colors.

Don’t be afraid to use patterns with your paintwork. You can choose Scandinavian paintwork, Tudor period design work, and much more. Get creative and show off your interests and style. Just be aware that the more personal the harder it may be to sell your home. People want to imagine themselves living there and won’t want to spend hours repainting your shutters.

Consider Different Shaped Shutters

Work with your window design and get shutters that match. If you have curved, stone cottage style windows, you can get curved Tacoma plantation shutters that help to create a more uniformed look.

It’s also possible to get rounded shutters to work with rounded windows. When you open the shutters, people will be able to see that you’re complementing the home. They will know what to expect when they walk into the home.

Be aware that these shutters will be harder to move with you. You’ll need to get customized shutters for your next home, as it’s unlikely that you’ll have the exact same size and style of windows.

Get Cut-Out Shutters

Who said you needed full wood shutters? You could look at getting shutters that have a slight cut-out within them. Some people will choose a cut-out that shows off their hobbies or interests, while others will get a cut-out that is linked to their families.

You only need a small cut-out to personalize your plantation shutters in Tacoma. The small cut-out won’t affect the integrity of your wood or affect light control too much. You could end up with the sun shining through into the room, casting the cut-out on a wall. However, this will depend on the location of the window and the angle of the sun.

Because of the style of the shutter and personalization, you could find people are less willing to buy. They will look at the work needed to replace the shutters. Even if you’re not thinking about selling right now, this is something to consider in the future.

Customizing your Tacoma plantation shutters is an excellent way to add beauty and style to your home. It’s a chance to show off your personality and bring part of who you are as a family to the exterior of your home.