Can Motorized Blinds in University Place Really Be Worth the Money?

University Place motorized blinds will cost you more than the non-motorized types. You’re not just paying for the blinds, but also the installation. Exact costs will depend on whether you have wired or wireless options and the exact type of blind or shade you install. However, the big question for many is whether having these types of blinds is going to be worth the cost.

Surely they’ll just end up costing you more in the long run, right? After all, don’t they cost you more in electricity?

This Depends on the Type of Blind

If you get a wired blind, you will usually run off your electrical supply. You’ll have a button on your wall, a little like a light switch, to power the blind. When you get wireless motorized blinds in University Place, you benefit from battery powered. They are more than worth the money, as with regular use, you’re only replacing a battery every five years or so. And these are normal batteries you would buy for your remotes and your kid’s toys. They’re not super special that will cost you a fortune!

Now that you’ve got that thought out of your mind, it’s time to look at all the benefits you gain from your motorized blinds. You’re not just paying for a new type of window treatment in your home. The money is for the ease of use.

Powering the Blinds When You’re Out

Some wireless University Place motorized blinds can be hooked up to your smartphone. You get the ability to control your blinds from an app, which means you can power them anywhere. Turning your home into a “smart” home is a powerful way to keep the home protected from would-be burglars.

You control when the lights turn on, when the blinds open and close, and you can even control the front door lock and security cameras. When you’re away you can make it look like you’re still there. Burglars aren’t going to go in if they believe they’re going to get caught!

And you’re not just protecting your home from burglars. You can also manage heat loss and gain in your home. If you know the temperature is rising while you’re out or if you know the UV rays are likely causing some damage to your furniture, you can close the blinds easily. There’s no need to think about the extra costs when you’re not around.

More Importantly, They’re Safe

The biggest benefit of motorized blinds in University Place (the one thing that more than makes them worth the money) is the safety aspect. When you have pets or children in the home, you want to get rid of cords. Make the rooms as safe for them to play in as possible. Children and pets get up to some of the strangest things and motorized blinds means there’s no need for cords at all.

You can’t put a price on life!

Are you considering University Place motorized blinds? Are you curious about whether they’re worth the money? They really are when you add it all up!