3 Important Tips for Choosing the Fabric of Your Drapes in Tacoma

Have you decided on getting Tacoma drapes for your home? That’s at least one decision down. Now you need to choose the fabric of your drapes. Unfortunately, this is more than just grabbing the first set of drapes that you find in the store or online. Here are three important tips to follow to get the perfect fabric for your drapery needs.

Consider the Chances of Sun Rot

Certain materials are more likely to succumb to sun rot than others. Think about the placement of your drapes in Tacoma and the uses of them. Will you have them as just decoration for your windows or are you looking at using them regularly throughout the day?

If the latter, the material will succumb to far more sun rot than if just used for decoration. This means you’ll need to avoid some of the more fragile fabrics, such as silk and satin.

The good news is you don’t have to skip over them completely. You can take action by adding a lining to the material. You won’t quite get the exact same shape and feel, but you will protect the material so it lasts longer.

Consider the Maintenance of the Material

Some fabrics will require more care and maintenance than other. This is something to deeply consider before buying, along with the amount of work you’re willing to do. If you leave some materials to just sit, the pleats will start to fall out. They don’t work around the window as they used to, and this leads to them looking out of place.

If you’re not willing to look after your Tacoma drapes on a daily basis, you’ll want lighter, easier to handle material. Look out for those that are more likely to keep their shape.

At the same time, consider the exact type of maintenance. Some materials won’t collect too much dust. You’ll be able to shake them out daily and leave a vacuum for weeks. Others will require a vacuum every day or they look dusty and dirty.

Consider the Heating Benefits

Would you like drapes in Tacoma that help to add more heating to the home? You’ll want thicker materials that can help prevent the heat escaping through the window. Even when using for decoration, drapes can help prevent some heat escaping, so you don’t need to use your heating as much throughout the day.

The thicker materials also work the opposite way. They can keep some heat out, meaning you don’t need to use the air conditioning as much. You get to keep your utility bills down.

However, don’t forget how light materials can help. They offer a little heating benefit, but they can also help to ensure some daylight comes through into the room. This could help to reduce the use of electric lights, helping to keep utility bills down that way.

Take steps to consider all your fabric options for Tacoma drapes. Work with your needs and find out more about the maintenance specifics for the material. Are you really ready to spend hours at a time to make your drapes look amazing?