Upgrade Your Home With Budget Blinds of Scottsdale

Looking for the next upgrade to your home? Just buy a house and want to make it more yours? Whatever the reason, upgrading the window coverings can create an incredible change for relatively little effort! Interested? Read on and we’ll address the two big ways you can upgrade your home today!

Upgrade Your Shades, Upgrade Your Life

There are two main ways you can think about upgrading your blinds: upgrading the style,  and upgrading the features. Neither of which needs to come with a hefty price tag!

Style Upgrade

Upgrading the style is the simplest, and perhaps most ambiguous way you can upgrade your blinds! Why? Because style is subjective! If your home has some basic mini blinds, investing in any window covering, from Roman shades to shutters, is a clear style upgrade! Which way you want to go is totally up to you and your own style. Here are just some ideas!

Plantation Shutters

Timeless Southern charm and style are another excellent choice for maintaining a cool temperature during summer, with their insulating design. When closed, they block sunlight to lower your energy costs by keeping your rooms cooler during summer.

These are available in a wide range of colors and finishes in both real wood and polymer faux wood options, so finding the exact shade for your home’s décor is extremely easy. You can also choose the slat size of the adjustable louvers so you can control the natural lighting, privacy, and airflow as desired. Furthermore, Budget Blinds’ Plantation shutters are ideal for French and sliding glass doors as they can hinge and fold due to their bi-fold track design. This lets you match shutter styles on your windows and doors for a well-integrated effect.

Available with hidden tilt rods and motorized options, too, for ease of use and convenience. Go classic and practical with Budget Blinds’ Plantation shutters, customized to match your exact specifications from measurements to blade size and material. We’ve talked about it before but it bears repeating here. Plantation shutters are the only window covering that adds value to your home (in the eyes of real estate, we think every window covering brings value!)

Stylish Roman Shades

Roman shades never go out of style! With Roman shades, one can take advantage of the softness of fabrics without having the disadvantages of curtains that can be hard to maneuver or gather below at the bottom (which might make for a bit of an eyesore, depends on your style!)Shades on the other hand can be easily operated with a pull cord or better still can be motorized for easy operation - at the click of a button.

Above all, Roman shades bring a stylish elegance that is a class apart. Budget Blinds offers these fabric shades in a wide range of styles, textures, and fabrics to choose from, allowing you to create a dramatic, subtle, or sophisticated effect as per your preference. You can take your pick from a beautiful variety of solid fabrics or patterned shades. 

Their versatility makes them a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their style.

Here’s a blog on how to find your style. Once you have an idea, reach out and together we’ll help you reach your goals!

Feature Upgrade

Now we’re talkin’! When it comes to upgrading your window coverings, it can be more than just replacing shades with shutters, or putting new faux-wood shutters over old warped wood. It can be taking them from manual operation to smart, motorization, and automated operation!

We talk a lot about smart home tech, and for good reason! It’s the future of blinds we tell ya! When it comes to upgrading, taking your old blinds into the next millennium is the most obvious choice!

Take our Lutron® automated shading systems for example. Here are just a few of the benefits of using this automated shade system.

  • Control your smart shades, lights, temperature and more from any mobile device by using the Lutron app.

  • Program Lutron shades to automatically open and close for peace of mind and energy savings.

  • Automated and cordless smart shades are ideal for homes with children and pets.

  • Control and schedule the positioning of your Lutron smart shades with your smart device.

  • Lutron cellular and roller shades are child-friendly, energy-efficient, and are available in a wide variety of colors and materials.

  • Monitor and control lights from your smart device no matter where you are 

  • Create personalized lighting schedules that change with the seasons.

  • Programmable features allow you to use heating or cooling only when you need it for maximum energy efficiency.

  • No new wiring required.

Every component in your smart home set up can integrate seamlessly with your smart home device of choice from Amazon® Alexa, Apple® HomeKit™, Google® Assistant, Nest®, Sonos®, and more! Now that’s an upgrade!

Ready to upgrade your blinds? Have an idea what will really make your home your own, or just looking for the sweet convenience of automated blinds? We got your back! Give us a call today and the Linnemeyers will get back to you in no time to help you get your window covering solution!