What Window Treatments are Best for “My Style”?

When it comes to style, we usually think in terms of design styles, such as Modern, Traditional, Eclectic, Farmhouse, and others. And when it comes to selecting a style for your home’s décor, often it’s your lifestyle that helps most in determining which look your home will reflect. For example, if you and your family are simple and minimalistic, it’s likely your taste in home décor will be much the same. If you prefer flashy, bold and vibrant colors for your car and clothes, then chances are your home’s interior will echo a similar color and pattern treatment. Hint: Take a look in your closet for a hint and see if your home’s color palette and style is similar.

At Budget Blinds, we match your home style to your lifestyle.

As experienced design consultants, we know the importance of asking the right questions. Your comprehensive, complimentary in-home or virtual* design consultation ensures you will see the full array of styles, fabrics, and window treatment solutions to fit both your lifestyle, and your budget. We’ll ask what your privacy needs are, how much natural light you want to have fill your rooms, if you have children or pets, and an array of other questions to help us customize your window treatments to your exact needs. Let’s take a closer look at these specific areas to see how each impacts your lifestyle and window treatment design.

Privacy: Effective in-home privacy starts with the right window coverings.

At Budget Blinds, we offer a variety of affordable purpose-designed window treatments to enhance a room’s overall privacy. While all window coverings implicitly offer some degree of privacy, the degree to which a particular window treatment will prevent someone from seeing into a room can vary greatly, based on the opacity of the treatments. Depending on the desired look and style, ideal types of privacy window treatments include roller shades, shutters, honeycomb shades, and lined Roman shades. A range of materials, colors, and textures give the homeowner a broad range of stylish options to choose from. With the versatility, trend-forward styling, and practicality of “privatizing” your windows, you’ll sleep better knowing you have greater control over what others can see inside your home! As an added benefit, upgrading to privacy liners also enhances your home’s insulation, thus reducing your energy costs during cooler or warmer months. For many homeowners, this benefit by itself is often justification for including privacy liners in a window treatment design.

Roller Shades in Bedroom

Lighting Control: From sleeping to watching movies, lighting makes all the difference.

Darkening a room from unwanted streetlights or natural light has become more popular than ever. From blackout curtains, to blackout shades, if you’re looking for complete light control, the term “blackout” is all the rage. Sure, it would be great if you could completely eliminate all outdoor light from a room, but realistically it’s just not possible. To be clear, most “blackout” shades or curtains are actually “room darkening” and not “blackout”.  Certain window treatments do provide more light control than others. Your local Budget Blinds Design Consultant has an array of products and options to show you, and will assist in choosing the best possible option for your needs. Whether you’re a night shift worker who sleeps during the day, have young children who need naps, or a movie fan who insists on a dark room for optimized viewing on a flat screen TV, designing a room with minimal natural light can be critical. For starters, let’s address what’s arguably the most important of these first: daytime sleepers. Regardless if the one who needs sleep is yourself, a spouse, or a child, it’s important to know the basic science behind day sleeping. For example, according to the University of Michigan Health System, light triggers our brains to shift into different sleep cycles. So, for the best, most effective sleep cycle it’s imperative one has a dark room.

Dual Roller Shades in Living Room

If you’re looking to amplify your TV experience, from a home theater to perhaps the ultimate “man cave”, then room darkening will surely help to enhance viewing that high-tech flat screen. Most flat screen televisions include an automatic light adjustment feature that calibrates the TV to the room’s lighting conditions. When the room is darkened from unwanted natural light, the TV will adjust to offer the optimum contrast and overall picture quality. As the leading custom window covering provider, Budget Blinds offers a multitude of room darkening solutions for any situation. Depending on the amount of desired light, Budget Blinds suggests you choose from our selection of innovative fabrics and materials developed exclusively for room darkening treatments.

Child Safety: When it comes to kids, Budget Blinds plays it safe.

If you have young children or pets, then we’ll want to offer you a choice of child-friendly window treatments that will keep your little ones safe, while bringing you greater peace of mind. From playrooms to nurseries, to bedrooms, isn’t it nice to know Budget Blinds offers an impressive selection of child-safe window coverings which meet or exceed our industry’s most rigorous standards for child safety? As a member of the Window Coverings Manufacturers Association (WCMA) and the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC), we’ve made window covering safety a top priority. From cordless child-safe blinds and cordless shades with retractable lifts, to motorized shades, we have an array of safe solutions that minimize the risk of accidents or injury. Our pledge to help keep your children and pets safe with state-of-the-art, safety-first window coverings begins early in our product design phase and continues throughout the entire manufacturing process. The result of this rigorous and innovative approach to window coverings means you can have peace of mind knowing your children and pets are in a safer environment.

Graphic Child-Safe Shades in Bedroom

Energy Efficiency: We make energy savings affordable.

Not surprisingly, your Budget Blinds design consultant will talk with you about energy savings. If you thought you had to sacrifice style points for energy-efficient window fashions, think again. That’s because at Budget Blinds, our innovative energy-efficient window coverings provide effective insulation, offering your home increased protection against heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer. Although many window treatment styles offer varying degrees of energy efficiency, some are better than others. Budget Blinds offers several window treatments that particularly stand out. Take our outstanding collection of cellular shades for example.  Often referred to as honeycomb shades, cellular shades offer a modern appearance with outstanding insulation properties.  In addition to offering trend-forward style, cellular shades are a very affordable option and budget friendly choice. Roman shades are another energy-friendly treatment option. Aside from their elegant, cascading folds, Roman shades offer fabrics and linings which help keep cooler air in during warm months, and warmer air inside during colder months. Another popular energy-efficient choice in window treatments are Plantation shutters. Available in a wide selection of materials such as genuine wood, polymer, and composite, shutters from Budget Blinds have inherent energy-efficient qualities, while also offering lasting value to your home.

Custom curtains and drapery panels are yet another popular choice for improving energy efficiency in your home. Aside from creating understated elegance, layering curtains or drapery panels with other light-filtering or room darkening window treatments helps control light gaps and improve insulation retention. Budget Blinds offers an impressive collection of stunning interior fabrics, in the newest prints, stripes, sheers, textures and colors. From cottons, linens and other easy care blends, your Budget Blinds Design consultant will assist you in finding the perfect fabric for your home! And with our custom drapery, adding the right lining will enhance the look of your drapes, as well, as add energy efficient benefits. You can also compliment your drapes with our wide selection of drapery hardware for a custom finishing touch.

Roman Shades and Drapery in Living Room

Motorization: Operational excellence like never before.

Does your lifestyle call for automation, because you’d rather harness today’s latest technology so you can make sure your home is safe, secure and energy efficient? Then let the Budget Blinds Smart Home Collection put unparalleled convenience and peace of mind at your fingertips. We’ve partnered with worldwide leaders in smart home technology to bring you the very best in whole-home automation with a suite of state-of-the-art, intuitive solutions designed for today’s lifestyle. With seamless pushbutton operation, you control your window coverings, lighting, climate, home security and entertainment systems, all from your keypad, smart device, or handheld remote control. With this level of unmatched convenience and versatility, it’s no wonder we like to say, “for your everyday life, Budget Blinds has you covered.”

Motorized Wood Blinds in Kitchen

Now it’s time to combine your Lifestyle with your “My Style”!

We’ve covered many of your needs and preferences, so the next step is to let your Budget Blinds design consultant work with you to articulate and match your new window treatments to your favorite home design styles. And don’t feel you have to land on just one style of décor, because if integrated well, you can mix two or more beautifully!

Let modern style be your trend-forward look.

Sure, trends come and go, but there’s always one décor style that exudes style, and that’s the chic, modern look. Whether you’re looking to make a designer statement that’s hip and modern or aiming for something that combines two or more looks, say “hello” to modern. Sleek, minimalistic lines paired with solid colors, geometric patterns or bold prints can help transform a room into the future. Products such as roller shades, transitional shades, Roman shades and shutters with invisible-tilt all exude a modern look. And don’t overlook draperies! Choose modern designs like ripplefold or grommet panels paired  with modern hardware.

Roller Shades In Dining Room

Traditional- the tried and true style.

Typically defined as a timeless classic look that’s always in style for it’s time period, traditional or classic window treatments include Plantation shutters, blinds, draperies, and Roman shades. Traditional window treatments lean toward classic colors and patterns like plaids, herringbone, tweeds, or stripes and florals. This style often is embellished with trim or fringe. It is also known for its darker wood floors, ornate furniture and a floor plan divided into separate rooms. Budget Blinds has a wide selection of blinds, shades, shutters and draperies to help make your traditional style one that garners compliments time and time again.

Mixing Modern and Traditional? Think transitional.

Oftentimes one may feel the need to sacrifice certain design aspects when deciding to mix more than one style in an interior living space. Or you may be wondering how can I combine styles and make it look cohesive? The answer is transitional! A blend of old and new creating a look that is timeless yet on trend. How is this accomplished? Think modern clean lined furniture mixed with a traditional rug or lighting. Or take your traditional master bedroom furniture, mix it with clean modern bedding, an updated textured rug and mix up the nightstands so they are not matching. Add classic clean lined drapery panels with a modern edge banding paired with trend-forward hardware for an updated look. Also, this look loves layers. Layer treatments like textured woven shades and soft drapery panels to create an ideal design aesthetic that adds both depth and style to any room. As with the other styles, your Budget Blinds design consultant can show you the look you’ll love with options and choices to fit your lifestyle and your budget!

As you can see, both your lifestyle and sense of style play key roles in determining your ultimate “my style”. Budget Blinds makes the design process fun and simple with a complimentary in-home or virtual* design consultation. To find your local Budget Blinds and to schedule your complimentary consultation click here.

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