4 Cord Safety Tips for Blinds in Port Orchard

You may have heard of cordless blinds and how they’re beneficial for child safety. While these types of blinds are often good options for your Port Orchard home, sometimes you are not ready to purchase new cordless blinds and need some alternatives in the meantime.

So if installing new cordless blinds is not an option, there are still other things you can do to enhance cord safety. You’ll want to take steps to cut the cord without losing the use of your blinds. Here are four cord safety tips to follow to keep your blinds safe.

1) Use a Cord Hook

One of the first things you can install is a hook for the cord. You can get one that fixes to the side of your window frame, so you just quickly place the cord in it. Make sure it sits at a level that keeps the cord tight when not in use. This helps to prevent knots and loops forming and will make it harder for children to play with them.

The hooks also can be beneficial when you want to use the blinds when the cords are still hooked in place. You can just pull up and down.

2) Hook Out of the Way

Another option is to look at a hook that is placed out of the way of small hands. You’ll need to fold the cord up and make sure the hook keeps the cord locked out of place. When it comes to using the blinds, you’ll need to take the cord down and put it back in place once you’ve finished.

It’s important to keep the whole cord out of the way. Make sure the hook locks the cord in place, so it doesn’t fall down accidentally when not in use. Do check that knots and loops are straightened out each time.

3) Keep Furniture Away

Don’t place furniture near the blinds. Children will climb on top of them to get cords, especially when they see the cords have been placed out of their reach—there must be a fun reason for that, right? Furniture in the way is just tempting anyway and encourages climbing, which can be dangerous in its own right.

This includes the bed. Keep the bedding away from the window to avoid temptation, especially during the night.

4) Consider Replacing the Blinds

When it comes to replacing the blinds in your Port Orchard home, consider opting for cordless types. Cordless doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. Many manufacturers are offering cordless options now at the same price as the normal ones.

Talk to your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant for a free custom assessment for your home.

Make your home as safe for children and pets as possible. You don’t need to immediately change all the blinds you have right now. Take it one step at a time, by getting the cords out of the way first and then looking at replacing in the future.