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Budget Blinds of North Plano

Owner of Budget Blinds of North Plano

We have the best clients in the industry! It is an absolute privilege to go into someone’s home and help them achieve what they didn’t think was possible through window treatments!

- Bill & Tami Stepp, Owners

If you've been thinking about transforming your home's interior into something truly special, Budget Blinds of North Plano is here to help. Our expert design team, paired with an array of stunning blinds, shades, shutters, drapery and more creates the ideal home interior that complements any room, or an entire home.  We are also innovaters in home automation and we provide the best selection of motorized window treatments.

Our Smart Home Collection allows you to control your window treatments with a simple voice command or from a smartphone or tablet. From the latest styles and innovative fabrics, to a host of on-trend colors, we’ll show you how fun and affordable it can be to upgrade your décor with the power of the #1 provider of custom window coverings in North America.

Our consultative process is designed around caring about you and your home. We make the entire experience easy and convenient as we bring the showroom to you with our FREE in-home design consultation. From those unique shaped windows to energy-efficient treatments, and more, Budget Blinds does it all for you, with style and service for any budget. Backed by 30 years of design, our consultative process is designed around caring about you and your home.

We're local and here to stay to ensure you have peace of mind!

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30 Years of Style & Expert Service

  • Blinds

    Window blinds are one of the most popular window treatments thanks to their durability, versatility and range of styles.

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  • Shades

    Our stunning collection of window shades offers a complete line of roller, cellular, woven, Roman, sheer and more.

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  • Shutters

    Available in a variety of designer-inspired materials and finishes, shutters provide exceptional light adjustment with movable louvers. 

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  • Drapes

    From bold colors to calming neutrals, draperies, curtain panels, and accessories let you create gorgeous style that elevates a room instantly.  

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Our Commitment

We know the community because we're part of it. Your purchase is more than a way to make a living for us. It's about adding value to your home, standing behind the products we sell, making your home safer and life more convenient and beautiful. We believe in delivering an exceptional, customized experience designed for the way you live, backed by the #1 provider of custom window coverings in North America.

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We Do It With You

We bring the showroom to you in North Plano. We expertly measure your space, install beautiful window treatments, and back it up with the best warranty in the business so you can sit back and relax. We work together to give you the best in window treatments, so you can rest easy knowing your space will be beautified and optimized with window treatments that fit your individual needs. 

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Celebrating 30 Years of Style and Service

Join us throughout October as we celebrate 30 years of style and expert service. Follow us on Instagram for daily home design tips and trends, plus expert advice on ways to style your home.

30th Anniversary

We’re Local and It Shows

We’re proud to be a part of our Plano community. As active supporters of local charities and other local organizations, we strive to help make our community the ideal home for everyone. Take a look at just a few ways you’re likely to see us in your neighborhood in our efforts to make a difference.

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Window Treatments for North Plano Weather

As a local company, we at Budget Blinds of North Plano have found window treatments that fit the unique needs of the weather in North Plano. We know that the winters are cold and windy, and the summers are hot and muggy. We've customized a collection of window treatments that are quality and durable for the entire course of the year.

When temperatures drop into the 20s in the winter months, you'll want drapes to help keep warm air circulating inside your home. Our window treatments help you cut down on your heating bill by insulating your home and keeping the drafty breeze from blowing into your warm, insulated home.

In the summers when temperatures jump up into the high 90s, it's wise to choose window treatments that can help block out some of the harmful UV rays and keep your home cool. Our shutters in North Plano provide excellent light adjustment and come in a variety of styles from composite to wood.

Consulting and Customer Care

Our consultative process is designed around caring for you and your home. We make the entire experience easy and convenient as we bring the showroom to you with our FREE in-home design consultation. We'll assist you in finding the right type of drapes, blinds, and shutters in North Plano for your particular living style. From those unique shaped windows to energy efficient treatments, and more, Budget Blinds of North Plano does it all for you, with style and service for any budget! We're local and here to stay to ensure you have peace of mind.

Our team specializes in expert window treatment services. We'll come to your home to measure your windows, help you choose from a diverse range of options, and come back to install your new shutters or blinds in North Plano with a custom fitting. All of our services are expertly and intentionally thought through. So not only are you receiving products with high-quality materials, but you'll also have customer care that meets all of your interior design needs.

Budget Blinds of North Plano is owned and operated by Bill and Tami Stepp. We serve the Plano East of Coit area.