The Layered Look

Spring weather means layered fashions, the better to insulate ourselves from chilly winds or to warm up in the afternoon sun. Beyond the strictly practical, layering offers an opportunity to express personality, show a little style, and bring colors and patterns into play.

But why let your outfits have all the fun? Layered looks on windows are extremely popular. Check out how draperies over Illusions Transitional Shades allow in desired light while providing privacy and adding to the room’s elegance.

Pretty, right? The same layered treatment can give a very different effect. In a child’s bedroom, colorful draperies add whimsy and softness to hot pink shades, tying the room’s color scheme together.

Shades can even be layered with one another. Horizon Window Fashions offers a twin shade that is a roman shade on the front with a roller shade on the back that acts as a moveable lining. You get to control the level of light you want, from full sunshine to complete darkness.

Need some guidance on how best to create a layered window look? Here are some tips (from SASInteriors):

1. First, determine what your window needs are. Purely aesthetic? Privacy? Darkness? Texture, color, and height? Once you know how you want your windows to function, you can begin narrowing down which pieces might be stationary, and which need to move.

2. Window treatments for privacy include:

  • Long drapery panels that are functional and can be pulled across the window (consider blackout lining and/or insulated interlining)
  • Roman shade that is functional (some are light filtering that allows sunlight into the space, while others can be completely room darkening and energy efficient)
  • Woven Wooden Shades (add texture to space; some are light filtering and some are room darkening)
  • Roller Shades (inexpensive and can almost “disappear” when fully rolled up)
  • Real or Faux Wood Blinds (available in different wood tones which add comfort and character to space)
  • Cellular Shades (light filtering or room darkening and energy efficient)

3. Think in threes: which layer is just for looks, which layer is functional, and which layer might do a little of each (for example, sheers that allow sunlight but block unpleasant views)?

Check out our Virtual Decorator to try on different products with your wall color, furniture colors, and more. Budget Blinds consultants are experts on all the products that we carry, including which ones work best together, so give us a call. Happy layering!

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