Spring Into Fresh Looks

Don’t you love the great Spring weather in Washington? Even if you aren’t the outdoors type, there’s something about the fresh flowers, spring rain, clear skies, and bright colors that elevate your day. Unless you work outside, it’s nearly impossible to spend your time simply soaking up the self care atmosphere that Spring in Snohomish County has to offer. But don’t worry, whether you’re from Arlington, Monroe, or Smokey Point we have solutions to bring a bit of Spring indoors, so you can enjoy the season outside and inside your home!

Spring Flowers

As much as we love window treatments, flowers are an addition you can add all on your own! These seasonal bursts of color can be as diverse as you want. You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy the simple beauty of these plants! Using a few pots or a planter box, fill your window sill with spring bulbs. The breeze will carry the scent into your home, giving you a feeling of Spring even if you can’t be outside.

Spring Rollers

Roller Shades are one of the many window treatments that come in countless colors and patterns. Spruce up your spring atmosphere by switching to a light green or yellow roller shade, brightening up the room and complimenting any greenery you may have opted to add. If you want to nix adding flowers - try a floral design shade, still bringing the season inside with some colorful faux flowers.

Spring Seeds

Maybe you don’t have a green thumb. That’s okay! It’s amazing how much the suggestion of something has on our psyche. By adding simple colors and themes to your environment, you can change the entire feel of the room without major daily dedication. Go to the local store and buy some of the prettiest, coolest, most dynamic seed packages, arrange them in a basket, and set them on a coffee table. For a more personal touch, find your own in-season local seeds maybe from Everett or Millcreek to add to the mix! The representation of fresh growth, new possibilities, and unique packaging will remind you of Spring every time you have them in view.

Spring Lights

No, not Christmas lights. You can find little white fairy lights to drape outside your windows, across your porch, or even down your shades or blinds. At night, with an open window and a nice breeze, these little twinkling lights will remind you of fireflies. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to go catch a few.

There are many ways to bring the season into your domain. Try these out, and allow the fresh outlook of your indoor life usher you into more enjoyment of Spring.

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