Ways to Make Your Space a Self Care Sanctuary

Trying to get into the groove of a new year amidst the coronavirus pandemic and continued shelter-in-place? Whether you are embracing a New Year’s resolution—like a new exercise routine, committing to reading more often, or taking up meditation—or you’re sticking with the status quo, 2021 should be the year you don’t forget about yourself. Self-care during this time is so, so important. Fortunately, making a few small changes to your home decor can gradually transform your space into the quiet, relaxing vacation spot of your dreams. Here’s how.

Spruce up your home office.

If you’re still working from home in 2021, reorganizing your home office space is a must for your mental health. Simply decluttering old papers and clearing out your desk drawer can do wonders for keeping you on task. Adding fresh greenery brings in a pop of color and even purifies the air—what’s not to love? 

Switch up the lighting.

When it comes to your home’s ambiance, a new lamp or a switch in light bulb hue can make all the difference. Hoping to evoke cozy feelings in your living space? Try out an amber-colored bulb. Installing a dimmer switch to your overhead lights could also do the trick! 

Install light-blocking window drapes.

Is the sun shining too bright in your windows in the morning? Get some extra sleep by installing black-out or light-blocking window treatments. Heavy-duty drapes with light-blocking technology will help keep out gnarly UV rays and keep your home more insulated year-round.

Designate a workout zone.

Working out at home has become the new norm for many, but do you have a designated workout space? Having a space to disconnect from your work and be more mindful is so important for your wellbeing. If you have an extra room in your home, consider repurposing it as an at-home gym. Install a full-length wall mirror, add an exercise bike, and maybe even some baskets to store extra yoga mats and gear. You’ll find that having a balance between hard work, mental and physical, and rest is necessary to destress.

Refresh your outdoor lounge space.

Have a patio or deck you haven’t used in a while? Take a Saturday afternoon to complete some quick DIY projects, like planting a small herb garden, to spruce up the space and get it ready for spring. Trust us when we say, just a few simple changes can make all the difference. Installing a new set of string lights or investing in a new all-weather patio rug could turn a boring outdoor stoop into a cozy reading spot. Plus, when you work with Budget Blinds, we can even recommend the best outdoor drapes and window treatments for privacy. 

Remove “work” from your bedroom.

If you have your home office in your bedroom, think again. To refresh your space and take care of your mental wellbeing, consider turning your bedroom into a relaxation space. Remove any electronics and work-related distractions. Remind yourself when you enter this space that it’s okay to relax and slow down. Add some candles, invest in a lavender room spray, and maybe even refresh your linens, including your window treatments, to give your bedroom new life.

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